1984 turbocoupe

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  1. Its been way to long since I've been in here. I realize this is off topic a little bit, but I'm basically inheriting the car in the topic. What structurally are deal breakers for viewing it as a driveable vehicle? Where do these rot out first?

    It appears its been parked since 1997 that was the date on the plate. I realize the brake lines should be done and minor things like that. Are there any major concerns with firing up a turbo that's been sitting that long?

    One other thing I'm curious about is the estimated hp number on this earliest form of the turbo in the thunderbird without an intercooler. I've searched around and only know that the hp number went up to 190 in 87. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Well, areas to check for rust are the usual Fox areas...fenderwells, rear quarters, floors, etc.

    If it's been sitting for 11 years...whew. Well, first off, you'll want to change all the fluids (including the coolant), and give the car a tuneup and a good going over (check brakes, bearings, etc)

    Before you start it, I'd recommend disconnecting the coil and cranking it for a little while to get the oil pressure up.

    Then, you can fire it up, and it'd probably be a good idea to let it run for awhile and make sure everything looks kosher.

    Oh, and HP was around 150 or so, I can't remember exactly. But, you can very easily bump that past 200 with an intercooler and more boost. Is the car a 5 speed or auto?
  3. Check the brake and gas lines. They usually rust out and need replacing. Also check where the k-member bolts to the body.
  4. Oh yeah...you may need to drop the gas tank too.

    If it had any gas in it, it's turned to varnish by now.

    You'll also want to make sure it isn't full of rust.
  5. ok for what i found today when checking it out. typical rust underneath the doors, fenders and fender wells look good. passenger side door has the bottom rotted pretty bad, no passenger floor and drivers floor has a stripe that is gone. The suspension mounting points i could see (its sitting on flat tires) look suprisingly solid just surface rust. I did take a peek under the hood, the distributor has been sitting outa the engine block with the hole exposed, and one side of the sproket on the bottom of it is stripped. So that being said I'm going to have to find one of those (pretty sure there's one in working order around here) and then figure out how to time it. Given that we are getting rather cold up here, I may put this whole idea off till spring. Another six months aint gonna make or break it, unless the guy really needs it outa there. My other idea I've had is to pull the driveline and the 8 hole alloy rims (14's instead of 10 hole 15's) and just find a better overall car. Its been sitting on a farm so there's a nice mouse smell to it, any ideas or suggestions are welcome, but since I haven't found a career to puruse i'm livving on odd job income for now.
  6. Any pictures?

    '84 Turbo Coupes are getting rare these days, so if it's decent it might be worth saving.

    If nothing else, somebody on Turboford or over on the Fox T-bird/Cougar forums might be interested.
  7. or i might have just stumbled upon another option which will delay the turbocoupe coming home and getting parted. I made the mistake of checking out craigslist last night and found an 89 with manual tranny supposedly minimal rust, good tires on poly casts. I'm going to look at it saturday, but the purchase of that and crappy winter weather will hold the t-bird off till spring. I'll see if i can find a working camera to go out there with, will most likely be next week before I can do that.
  8. If not buying the 84 why not post its location and info. To Turboford or other site like Red LX said. Like he said rarity and be pity if junkman got it and crushed it. Maybe someone can get it going or if extremely bad shape be helpful to someone. Don't let it wind up like this Capri RS Turbo I found. I was too late.
    http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w224/mgman75/temp photos/100_6262.jpg
    http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w224/mgman75/temp photos/100_6267.jpg
    http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w224/mgman75/temp photos/100_6268.jpg
  9. update i did get the 89 today, the reason I haven't given out more info on the 84 is because the deal i currently have going on it is between me and the owner, if it comes down to the scrap heap or me, then yes I will share it, but for right now its parked in the elements like it would be if i had it, and its farther away from the salt for right now. That and I may want the turbo elements for my own ends, the interior has mouse damage for the 11+ years of sitting, the chassis is mediocre, and the floor board is gone on the passenger and half gone on the drivers side. but the body is pretty goodish minus typical wisconsin rust. If I do make a move on that pile I will make it known on here to see if I can get enough outa it for me to not canabalize it, but its gonna need alot of work.
  10. It would be more of a shame to let his early 70's mach 1 with the 351 see the wreckers, but there again I don't know how bad his wife is riding him to dump the junk heaps in the yard as she sees them.