1985 1986 Rear bumper cover

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  1. Hey all!

    I have been looking high and low for about 3 hours for a reproduction rear bumper cover for an 85 or 86 mustang. Anyone have a source?
  2. Discontinued? Never made a replacement? Anyone?

    Surely someone has replaced a rear bumper cover on an 85/86 model with something that didn't come from a scrap yard.
  3. The front cover made it to the aftermarket and that took some time to come, the rear cover hasn't made it's way yet and I'm sure it's coming. The LX cover just finally came out although I noticed they have come out with '85-'86 door moldings. keep an eye out on 50resto and fox mustang restoration they would have the rear cover when it 1st comes out. sorry but right now you have to get used, i do have a list of some places that have bought out ford stock I found while searching for NOS parts for my restoration but kid you not some of the parts you will pay out the azz for.
  4. PM me the links for the NOS stuff, I will pay for it, I don't want a used one.
  5. PM sent :nice:
  6. Could you please post or send me the information? I can't find a rear bumper cover anywhere. It's the only part in need to finish my restoration :(
    I've even contacted a fiber glass place to have one made and they refused to take on the project.