1985 Mustang GT Top Speed?

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  1. I need to know the 1985 Mustang GT's top speed.

    Please reference it if possible (Road & Track, Car & Driver, etc.)

    I have seen it written as a top speed of 140 MPH, with a 0-60 of 7.1 seconds and a 1/4 mile of 15.5.

    ***Reason being is that a friend told me that the 1985 Ford Mustang GT was the fastest production car in 1985.
    I have found specs on a 1985 Corvette with it's specs being 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, 1/4 mile of 14.1 and a top speed of 148-151 MPH.

    Thanks in advance.

    ****If I don't remember to check this forum out, could you please email your reply to [email protected] as well.
  2. I wouldn't give it much more than about 125-130mph. Yeah, they were lighter than the later models, but they were also boxier and had 15-less horsepower. As far as them being the fastest production car, he's out to lunch their too, since that title was held by the Buick GN's and Regal "T" type, with the Vette only having a faster top end than eithe of them.
  3. i think i remember it being around 264 mph
  4. Where the hell are you coming up with this number? Man, that's way off.

    I read somewhere the 85 went 720 MPH on the Salt flats. Sonic boom with the 4 eyes! :rlaugh:
  5. That was me. I cheated though. I put 2 VTEC engines under the hood of my 4 eye. :D
  6. Hell yeah! :worship: :banana:
  7. Wasn't that in Reverse with an AOD?
  8. You guys suck at teh funnay. :nonono:
  9. hahahahahahahaha sonic boom with the four eyes. pretty funny :rlaugh:
  10. If your car is original I wouldnt even chance trying a top speed...With 20 year old brake lines, disaster can strike.
  11. Not my car. I own an 89 Corvette.

    Just a discussion with a friend who said that in 1985, the Mustang GT was the world's fastest production car. Maybe he said North American, can't remember. But anyways, I know the 1985 Corvette was faster, and I just wanted some proof for him.

    This is my car. corvette.da.ru
  12. i had a 85 gt , plain stock cept for 140 mph speedo, 141 mph by the speedo , my 86 , 92 and 93 would only do 135 ,
  13. 0-60 = 6.6
    1/4 mile = 14.9 @ 98 mph
    Top speed = 135 mph

    Source = Car & Driver, January 1985

    There were a bunch of tests published on the car with varying results, but that is about where they all fell.
  14. 05 thread, back from the dead....

    Hey, that rhymes. :D
  15. Wow, this thread in ancient.

    FWIW, I remember reading specifically that one of the mags got the '86 to do 149 in 4th gear. It was either "right at redline" or "right at the limiter", I can't remember. Either way, in stock form the cars were actually faster in 4th than 5th. Not enough power to overcome the tall 5th gear at speed.

    I'd guess that the '85 was in the same boat.
  16. I crap my pants taking a Fox past 100MPH these days.
  17. Haha, seriously. You definitely know you're going fast in a Fox. Lots of noise and vibration. That'swhatshesaid.
  18. Going 150 in my C5 vette ain't fast....

    Going 120 in my old stock '89 was F-in' flying!

    But brakes, and nice suspension upgrades and suddenly, 165 mph in the '92 was completely stable.
  19. :jaw:

    Closed course, I assume? ;)
  20. In fact, I often did take that setup to a closed course with the PCA (Road Atlanta and Putnam Park raceway in indy). But in answer to your question, No! :nonono: