1985 Mustang LX 5.0 FOR SALE

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  1. SOLD

    1985 Mustang LX with a 5.0L V8 and 5 speed. Car is in remarkable shape for a 25 year old car. It has roughly 42K original miles on it. Interior is original and in great shape, say 9 out of 10 in my opinion. Exterior is original and while not perfect, maybe a 6.5 or a 7.5 out of 10. This model is special for several reasons. First,,, it's one of the first domestic cars that brought performance back after the performance doldrums of the 70s and early 80s. Second, it's the first Mustang to come with a roller cam. First Mustang to come with tubular exhaust headers. Last American car sold with a good ole Holley four barrel carburetor. Anyone remember carbs???:D

    Car is mostly original but it does have aftermarket long tube headers, no cats and aftermarket exhaust. Has Cobra 1.6 roller rockers installed and a aftermarket Holley carb replacing the original. Original rear axle {7.5 ring gear model} was replaced with 8.8 with 3.73 gears. I swapped the front brakes over to the larger rotors of the 87 up cars. Front shocks are Koni and the rear shocks are stock. The car has an aftermarket radio with custom molded kicks containing 6.5 inch coaxials. I have most of the original stuff that was removed and replaced. I even have the original Gatorback tires for it! Yes,,, 25 year old tires.:eek:

    Car was bought by an enthusiast back in 85 and he is the one that replaced the rear axle. He had it roughly 2-3 years and he had a sever stroke. It sat in his heated garage untill we bought it about seven years ago. At the time I bought it, it has a whoppin 7K miles on it and it was actually still on the original tires. Car is somewhat of a stripper model as the only options were the V8, the M5 tranny, AC and a radio {radio was standard I think}. Car weighs just over 3K lbs and it runs high 13s at around 100mph.

    I hate to sell this car as it's exactly the car I lusted after in school but I'm currently unemployed. I have too many hobbies and too many irons in the fire so I have to cut back somewhere. If you like the Fox body Mustangs, especially the carbed versions, this car is for you. You will honestly have a real hard time finding another in this condition. BTW,,, this was a fairly rare car. I forgot the actual numbers but it was very rare and with 25 years of attrition later, it's even rarer.

    Updated with production numbers link-
    2284 total 5.0L LX made, 213 total 5.0 LX in charcoal. Pretty rare little car.


    Quite a few more-
    1-27-10 Mustang pictures by Judd-McCutcheon - Photobucket
  2. Simply Stunning! Its nice to see a true survivor. If my 86 GT would sell I'd be all over this. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks for the kind words.
  4. obo on stang

    Have 5000.00 cash are you interested? [email protected] Good lookn car to make into street strip and thats what I would do with it, sans the 5speed, Thanks
  5. How about 6300$?
  6. 85 Coupe

    PM sent.
  7. It was your post 6300 or BO

    Bought my 32nd mustang sunday Sharp conv 3.500, good luck w/that.
  8. Car sold today.:(
  9. Thanks for tha well wishes.:hail2:
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