1986 Grand National/ T Type WH1 over 500RWHP & in pristine condition

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  1. Hi guys a couple of years ago I bought an 86 WH1 T Type (same thing as a GN just diff. paint) and built that baby from the ground up. There is nothing on this car that's not new except the frame LOL. Hell we even did the trunk. She dynos at 504 w/o the FAST system which is the only thing left to do. With a FAST you could clear 600 RWHP easily. Here's my mod list and pics. Call me if you have a NICE Fox Body that is fast and close to the same value as the Turbo Buick. When I last took her to Atco which was last year she was running a mid 11 and that was before upgrading the fuel and tires. Now with sticky tires a low 11 is 100% possible.
    Anyway here's some pics and my mods, call me with any ???? at all.

    Engine Completly rebuilt 40 Bore, Diamond Pistons, Eagle Crank Shaft, CPT Ball Bearing 66 Turbonetics, Extender Chip (Full Throttle),MAF Plus Translator, 3.0 Inch Down Pipe with 46 Ext. Waste Gate, Boost Cont, Fbody Radiator (cheaper and just as efficient as the aluminum), Front Mount GN1 Intercooler Extreme, Alcohol Injection Kit, Shift Recal Kit, 3200 Stall Converter, Rebuilt Tranny, Ported Intake Manifold, 80 Lb Fuel Inj, Deutch 340 Pump Hot Wired, 70 MM Plenum, 70 MM Throttle Body, Champion Heads, 212 Cam, CAI, Cut Outs, Pypes Catback, Catless, LT1 Maf, Gen 1 MAF Trans, Poston Header Ceramic Coated, Poly Urathane Body Bushings Kit, Rear Sear Brace Kit, Frame Brace kit, Hood Brace Kit, Front Connecting Brace Kit, Fuel Pump Wiring Upgrade, Remote Oiling System Upgrade, Accufab Adjustable Fuel Regulator, Fuel Rail Feed Line, H&R Parts Poly Motor Mounts, H & R Parts Trans Mount, New Gas Tank, Upgraded Ignition and Coil Pack, Weld Rims, Mickey Thompson Drag Radials, Scan Master, Tach and after market guages all around, LED Tail Lights cool looking they fade , Metco Control Arms, Moogle Springs with rear Air Bags, Billstien Shocks, H & R Sway Bar, Dakota Digital Dash, Mezierre Water Pump, Roll Bar, Vacuum Brake Sytem, Plenum Spacer, Intrepid Cooling Fans, New Interior Seats, Carpet, Headliner, Dash, blow off valve, dyno tuned

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  2. Here's a link to her too with alot more pics. I'm sorry their sideways DAMN I PHONE 4!! :)
    BTW- This car I would only want to trade not really interested in cash unless you have a car that's close to this monster and a couple of G will make it worth my while. Read the mod list and you'll know how much money was invested. Hell just look at the pics :)

    1986 Buick T Type WH1 For Sale
  3. price?
  4. I was curious as to what Stangs would be available for trade for a GN/ T Type I wasn't planning on selling just testing the water for trades as I love my toys but this isn't a toy anymore it's become a pampered car that lives in storage so it will continue to grow in value. If someone has a Stang that is as nice as my Buick I would consider a trade. :) She's valued over 20G.
  5. GM!?!?!?! On a mustang forum????? WTF?????
  6. Not everyone has a lopsided preference in cars. GLWS....or trade. :)
  7. Your right, I just dont like junk! The blue oval is the only way to go!!!!
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