1986 T Top

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  1. Hello, I just joined stangnet today. The reason I joined is because I am going to meet someone tonight to look at an 86 t top for sale. I've been looking for a fox body project for a while and with a new baby on the way I decided its now or never. Anyway, this guy originally wanted 4k but I offered 3K because that's all I have. He said no, but later asked if I could go up to 3.5. I said no, and he finally agreed to let it go for 3. Its not a done deal, I still need to check it out. I'm starting to get cold feet. All I have seen is pics so far. I know the interior is shot, but the body looks solid. It will need some paint as the last job was just black sprayed over red. Its already coming off in the engine bay and showing the red paint underneath. Anyway, I think that an 86 t top in good restoration condition is worth the 3k. All the parts are there minus the AC as it was deleted at some point. What do you guys think? Worth it? I can't help but feel like I'm getting one pulled over on me, but then again I think its just spending that cash all at once that is getting to me.
  2. Pics are worth a thousand words my friend
  3. Looks like a decent buy for $3K if you ask me
  4. Well, I sucked it up and dropped the cash. Car needs a ton of work but that's really what I bought it for. Had to drive it back home about 230 miles so I got acquainted with it. Made it home no problem, but I realized that I sure got use to driving a newer, smoother, quiet vehicle. Sure felt good to feel a 5.0, and drive stick again though. Its been about eight years since my 88 was wrecked. Very pleased with the purchase and looking forward to seeking your advise on any problems I may run into throughout the resto process. Thanks...T TOP!!!
  5. All that matters, you're happy with it!
  6. Welcome to stangnet