SOLD 1987-1988 Ssp Speedo Cluster

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  1. 140mph SSP (Police) gauge cluster showing 89945 on the odometer. Perfect for your 87-89 SSP resto or just upgrading from a 85mph cluster. Rare item, few and far between being sold.

    Going with an autometer setup so this has to go. Will fit all 87-89 Mustangs.

    Asking $225, buyer to pay all shipping from 06108 (Connecticut)

    Item being offered on eBay as well

    Also have 160mph "Motorsport" bare speedo, asking $175 + shipping

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  2. Updated eBay link and new price
  3. Relisted on ebay. Make an offer.
  4. All gauges in working condition? I need to do some testing on mine over the next week, but if they're actually shot, I'm just down the road in Seymour...
Thread Status:
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