SOLD 1987 Gt Convertible For Sale - One Owner!

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  1. 1987 Ford Mustang GT Convertible – One Owner – 58,000 miles - $9,500

    Dark Shadow Blue/Gray 2-tone with Cadet Blue top.
    Very clean & solid, no rust, never wrecked.

    Mustang 001.JPG

    More pics available HERE

    First the good news:
    I purchased this car as an untitled demo model in February of 1988. I am the original and only owner of this car. It has always been garaged, has never seen snow, and has rarely seen rain. Over the years I added many upgrades, including:

    · Cobra 5-lug, 4-wheel disk brake conversion, with genuine 1995 Cobra R 17” wheels
    · Powerdyne supercharger (9 psi boost)
    · Ford GT-40 Intake
    · BBK “shorty” equal-length headers
    · Mass air conversion, with Pro-Flow Mass air sensor
    · Larger fuel injectors (24#, if I recall correctly)
    · BBK timing computer
    · Sub-frame connectors
    · 4-point roll bar
    · Dynaflow CAT-back exhaus
    · King-cobra heavy duty clutch and new firewall adjustable clutch cable

    This car is in excellent condition for a 25-year-old, unrestored vehicle. It has less than 58,000 miles. It starts rights up, idles fine, and runs great. The battery is less than a year old. It has a brand new clutch cable and quadrant, and the clutch works like a dream. It shifts fine (but has the usual finicky 2nd-3rd shift that is typical of these 5.0 Mustangs). In 2001, I had the car dyno’d and it produced 320HP at the rear wheels (over 375HP at the crank), and about the same torque. It still has all of the same parts, and with a little tweaking it should still produce about the same.

    I have pretty much every stock part I ever removed, including the original 15” “turbine” style wheels, original intake & exhaust headers, along with a spare computer and wiring harness, and a never-used strut tower brace. All of these parts go with the car, should the buyer want them.

    Now for the not-so-good news:
    This IS a 25 year old car, with original paint. I’ve tried to capture the larger flaws in the pictures: Lots of little stone chips on the nose; a pretty good sized scratch on the driver’s door; worn paint on the left rear bumper; and a scratch and smudges on the passenger-side front fender. There are numerous other small chips, scratches, etc. if you look hard enough. But as you can see in the pictures, it is still a great looking car with no major flaws, and absolutely no rust.

    The convertible top has about a 5” long tear on the top, near the rear. Otherwise the top is still in very good shape. I have not investigated if this is repairable or not, mainly because it only happened 2 years ago and it really doesn’t matter to me as I only drive the car with the top down. The boot is in decent shape, but has small tears in each corner.

    The Cobra rims are wider than stock, and rub against the control arm at full lock. I’m told this can be avoided by replacing the stock control arms with after-market tubular arms. As it only rubs when you turn the steering wheel as far as it will go, it has never been a big deal for me because the car is still plenty maneuverable at 99% full turn.

    This car originally came with factory air-conditioning. Of course it was a Freon-based system back then, and by the time it stopped working Freon was outlawed. As I understood it, the system would have had to have been “converted” to run on modern refrigerant. Instead, I removed the power-sapping compressor, the condenser, and all of the plumbing. I still have all of the parts, and they will go with the car, if the buyer wants them.

    There is something that is draining the battery slowly (if left parked, the battery will be dead in about 5-7 days). I’m pretty sure it is the BBK Timing computer. However, I just plug in a 1 amp trickle charger whenever I park the car, and it isn’t a problem. Even after being in storage for 7 months this past winter, the car started right up.

    I hate to see it go, but after 25 years I think it is time to find a new toy! If you are a fan of 5.0 Mustangs, you will not be disappointed! Get it now and enjoy some summertime top-down fun!
  2. Update - the battery drain has been identified and fixed! It was the power feed for the electronic fuel pressure gauge. I've moved the power feed to a different circuit & all is well!
  3. Price reduced! Now $8950

    Any feedback or comments appreciated!
  4. The only feedback I have is - beautiful car. And I applaud the fact that you kept all of the stock parts you've removed.
    I'm sure this car will find the right home at that price. G'luck w/ the sale!
  5. I've seen your stang on other sites, cars or autotrader? I live west of you by like a hour or so, pm will be headed your way. Dan
  6. NEW PRICE - I don't really want to have to pack it away for another year!

    First $7500 takes it.
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