1987 GT Hatch 351w

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  1. My 87 has a 351w and I am wanting to build it to a stroker motor. My goal is 400 -500 hp. I have never built a 351 and was hoping for some advice on what I need to run head, cam, crank, pistons and so on. I have seen on some threads that you run stock 302 pistons, stock 351 rods, and to run 205 heads. I am looking for specifics. Thanks.
  2. There are many stroker kits available (they should have info on the HP ) - when I looked into this - I'm pretty sure you needed a new crank, rods and pistons - plus some extra machine work on the block for clearance - for my 351w - I just went with .30 over and new piston's - kept the orginial crank and rods and had it polished / balanced - still on the stand -and with my new heads should put me in the just under the 400 HP range - storker kits are expensive - you can probably get more bang for $$ from a great set of heads / cam combo then going stroker - alot of 302 roller motors stroke up to a 347 nice -
  3. DSS Racing has some reasonably priced 408 kits on sale. You do have to clearance the block for the longer stroke. But with good H/C/I combo you should easily hit your target range. Go with a 205cc AFR's for heads imo they are the best for what you want. A good mains support for your block wouldn't hurt either. Good luck
  4. 400 flywheel in a 351 is relatively easy-a good set of heads as mentioned above, about 9.5:1 CR, a cam with about 235* @050" and some long tubes should net you 400 fwhp. If you want 500-moreover, 500 rwhp, that's another story. The heads would still help you out, but if you want to stay N/A, the cam would have to be something allowing the engine to spin pretty high, this would really deem it necessary to make sure your internals are well fastened. I bet Rick91GT could hook you up with a good combo.