1987 mustang gt 5 speed

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  1. The title says 1986 but it is not a 4 eye. I just got the motor running great! It hase new intake gaskets, i put all new inj. o-rings,computer, new rad. with electric fan,has all new brakes, rotors,pads,lines,and master cyl. I have $1060.24 in just parts into this car with recipets.Now for the bad.

    I drove the car to my fathers (about 1.5 hour drive) for my wife's baby shower and one of my old friends shows up and wants to race the stang. Long story short it blew up second gear. The car still drives in all other gears but no 2nd.
    the Tranny was BRAND NEW. I put a new 1,2,and 3rd gears in it with a complete rebuild kit. It also has a new flywheel,clutch,TOB,clutch fork,steel bearing retainer,and a new 1-2 shift fork. I would bet you could just pull it apart and put a new 2nd gear in it. I have the ticket for the gears so i might be able to get it under war. for free. Car runs great, starts and runs fine. The interior is ok but it does need new rear hatch carpet and some other small things but it is a good daily driver and actually gets very good gasmilage. The car also has what looks like centerline wheels 17" front and 18" in back with BRAND NEW tires. O and i almost forgot the BBK h pipe with flowmaster muffs.
    The car is in Ark at the moment but i will be getting a trailor to bring it home so i dont hurt the car anymore but im asking 1500 obo and it is yours.

    Also i have a 6al msd box and a autometer tac w/shift light that i will throw in for 200 more doll hairs.

    pics are on this site.
    mustang D pictures from cars photos on webshots
    I am located in Muskogee ok. If anyone buys the car before next weekend i will bring the car to you on the traylor if your not to far away.

    My name is brandon hollaway you can call me at 1-918-860-0000
  2. i would love to buy the wheels and tires
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