Expired 1987 Mustang GT in Cincy OH - 2200.00

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  1. 1987 Mustang GT Convert
    5.0 -- 5SP

    THE BAD: Ran low on oil recently, now has top end noise, motor needs replaced but is drivable for now!! How long???
    New tires (500 miles on them maybe)/Motorcraft starter/TFI/Cap/Rotor/Silenoid/IAC/Battery
    Front seats from newer Stang (by prev owner). Interior in really really good clean shape, no rips on panels or dash etc.
    Looks to me there has never been water issues inside car, no mold smells like you find in these convt older cars.
    Top works great, great shape. Trunk carpet clean, all there!
    Can't say when but paint job was redone to orig color in last 5 years? Great shine, clean, no scratches etc!!!
    Only rust in body is lowe,r half dollar sized spot, on pass door.
    Underside of car has some surface rust but pan is pretty clean, no holes.
    Frame rails rust free, shock towers are clean no rust at all. Appears to have never been wrecked.
    Car runs and drives fine with the current engine noise, good brakes, no shakes while driving, all power options work, AC compressor is locked up.

    All orig, rims clean up well, paint job is awesome. NON MOLESTED CAR HERE!

    Clean 1st year fox body, Convt, possible collectors car?

    -------- VIDEO ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80doazYJCkc&feature=youtu.be <------------------------------------ VIDEO

    $2300.00 pretty firm, this car with a good used motor is worth 4k easy!

    Email([email protected]) or text only-- 5 one 3 two 8 four 29 zero nine

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  4. 2200.00 NOT 2300.00
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