1987 Notch 5.0 $1500 FL

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by cardudeusa, May 24, 2011.

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  1. Asking $1500

    Car is red but needs body work and paint. Motor runs good, 5 speed tranny was replaced about 4 years ago. Interior was painted black by previous owner and paint is chipping off now. Needs front tires, backs are ok has weld wheels.

    If anybody is interested I can upload pics, car is located in Alachua, Florida.
  2. pics im very interested
  3. Where in Florida?
  4. Alachua, about 20 minutes north of Gainesville.
  5. good price! nice interior. how much for the wheels lol
  6. Haha i'll give them too ya for $1500 and you can have the rest of the car free!
  7. Does the motor run well trans shift ok .and what kind of engine is in the car have ? Efi mass air?? Carb?? Think the car would have any problem driving to top of alabama?? Thanks
  8. PnkaBoo, the motor runs great and no problems with the transmission. Its a World Class T-5 and not very old. The engine is the original 87 5.0 efi speed density. As far as the drive to Alabama I would recommend replacing the front 2 tires before going more that 10-15 miles other than that the car has been to California and back with my step brother and no issues.
  9. i think this car is ready for another trip to california.. so to speak.. $$$
  10. Do you still have the car? PM sent.
  11. Car is still for sale had a few low $$ offers and a few test drivers but that is alll!
  12. Very interested. Email sent with my phone number. Please call.
  13. Car sold yesterday, thanks to all who inquired!
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