1988 5.0 LX, Black with T-Tops

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 98cobraghostman, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. I used to own a 1988 5.0 LX, Black with t-tops. Does anyone know how many LX t-tops were made between 87-88 or where to find the production numbers on these cars??

    I bought for $800.00 from a guy who had no idea what he had. The car had 151,000 miles on it and it wouldn't run for him, so he thought it was done. After taking it home and toying with it i discovered all it needed was an ignition! After that the car ran fabulous! It was in such great shape I was able to get $3000.00 for it. The $2200 profit was hard to turn down. Anyway, I am now wishing I would have kept this rare steed, any help finding the production numbers of these early t-tops would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Production numbers for options such as the T-roof are unknown at this time.