1988 Asc Mclaren Parts Car On Cl

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  1. It doesn't have a tittle , parts car only . Who let this car become a parts car ? $1800 in CT . You should see the passenger seat . Looks like it was in a fish tank . Pretty cool how many ASC only parts were on these cars including the console .

  2. For as rare as they seem to be (I'm not sure of production figures), I would expect more of them to be well cared for. It seems every one I happen across online is junk. It does say it starts on ether though. Could be a cool project.
  3. No more projects for me . No time and or money . If I had more money I'd have less time . Transporting cars through NY State with out a tittle is a no-no . State Troopers don't play nice when your in possession .
  4. They cost too much to begin with and there was no asc support for replacement parts for quite a while so most of them are rocking lx/gt trim like that one.
  5. How the hell did McClaren hook up with Ford anyway?
  6. ASC stood for American sunroof company. They also did all the regular convertible mustangs up to 1993.
  7. I had heard that before and still did not remember . McLaren makes it sound like a race car company of the same name . Foolish that they would not have supported their own product line . Still , money must have been their only consideration .
  8. Clever. I knew Ford shipped out their convertibles til '93 but didn't know where to.