1988 Ford Mustang

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  1. Ok putting my car up for sale. Need money for school and a daily driver. Price is $4200obo and I am interested in trades (see bottom.)

    Some info about the car, 93,xxx miles on the chassis. 72,xxx on the shortblock, every other part has less then 20miles on it. The shortblock came from my friends car who had it since 30k and his car was hit in the rear, his car was always stock and the motor has always ran like a dream. Car is black with tan leather interior, hatchback.

    Basically every important thing on the car is brand new.

    Ok now onto the good stuff.
    Stock shortblock with 72k on it
    E303 cam GT40 heads, fully redone, fluxed, the whole deal
    Full engine gasket set Felpro headgaskets
    Underdrive pullies (deleted smog and a/c)
    New water pump
    Edelbrock Performer upper and lower intake
    Ford Racing 24lb/hr injectors
    C&L 73mm maf
    BBK 70mm TB
    MAF computer Mass-flow efi conversion harness
    BBK shorties
    American racing 2.5in hpipe
    American thunder mufflers
    King cobra clutch
    Pro 5.0 short shifter
    3.55 gears
    POR15 on the entire underbody of the car, new drivers side floor pan and the whole engine bay repainted. motor was painted as well.
    Stock 10 holes with BRAND NEW TIRES

    Issues. (may seem like a lot but its stupid things)
    Clutch needs to be adjusted
    Needs a battery
    Needs a new hazard and blinker relay ($10?)
    The paint on both bumpers is chipping a little bit, not too bad I was just going to sand it down and respray it
    The big thing is it needs a tune to unlock its full power

    The car runs and drives. I would get these few things done and raise the price but I just don't have time at all between school and work. Need to sell it because I have nowhere to put it this winter.

    Looking for $4200 or a trade for a daily driver, not looking for a car that needs work. I need something reliable and good on gas to get me to school and work.

    Honda Prelude, Honda Civic Honda Accord Honda Prelude Nissan 240sx Nissan Maxima Nissan Altima Nissan 300zx ect.

    Interested in many different cars so just let me know what you have.

    Located on Long Island, NY in Nassau county.

  2. first bump. I found the car I want so lets get this thing sold!
  3. bumpedddddddd
  4. $4200

    For right now I'm looking for a trade of a B5 (97-01) Audi A4, must be Quattro, 5spd and 1.8T. Willing to add cash if it's the right car. Let your friends know!

    P.S. - If anyone knows a solid Audi forum let me know!
  5. bump, would really like to get this gone soon to get into an Audi. If youre interested make an offer!
  6. Had multiple buyers for this already but everyone seems to flake. Still up for sale!
  7. The car no longer needs a tune. I've talked to many knowledgable people that know these cars. The car does not need a tune, although like any other car it would benefit from one. This car needs a better ignition set up, the stock set up craps out at this power level and can't keep up. I'm working on getting an MSD box, distributor and wires and installing it and the car will run mint. Once I do this the price will go up accordingly.
  8. Ok so I bought another car. No longer looking for trades. NEED this thing gone, pick it up and drive it as is or throw a decent ignition on it and you have a monster. Need cash to put into the new car.

  9. Best offer!

    Throw a cash offer out, ready to start modding my Audi!
  10. Bump

    Any decent cash offer accepted
  11. bump, come take this out of my driveway
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  14. Bump someone get themselves a late christmas present
  15. bump for the new year!
  16. Take it for what its worth man, but thats a $2500 car.... best of luck though, and hope you get more
  17. bump it up...
  18. PM me your bottom line
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