1988 Mustang 5.0 Coupe , 5 spd. project, complete car, lots of mods & new parts $2500

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  1. I am selling my mustang. It is a project. It runs and still has a lot of power but it has a motor knock at times. not very loud, not always present, but its there. i have had this car for 5 years and it has always sounded the same. with some work and tuning you could still use the motor in it. its not that bad but at the same time i dont want someone to think it isnt a project. because it is. it still has the ability to be a hard running car as is or with a little bit of work, it still runs hard and is fast, but if you are looking for a daily driver, this is not it at this time. it has been sitting for 2 years and needs some tuning + speedo cable hooked up because it always dies at the intersection + other stuff possibly? If you are handy with mustangs and are in the market for a project with a lot of mods, this might be the one. it is not beyond repair for someone who desires a mustang project.

    aftermarket parts it has on it:

    GT40P heads, Edlebrock upper/lower intake, e303 cam, mac headers, Cold air kit with K&N inside fender, smog pump delete, ac delete, pullys, 73mm mass air flow, 70mm throttle body, aluminum radiator, ford motorsport aluminum driveshaft, fidanza aluminum flywheel, king cobra clutch, summit short throw shifter, 2 piece pypes x pipe with high flow cats (smog reads cleaner than lots of new cars), flowmaster mufflers, new upgraded fuel pump, fuel pump, 3.55 gears, black leather seats from 04 GT, adjustable camber plates

    other new tune up parts:

    front brakes and rotors, battery, fuel pump, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, 02 sensors, tfi module, coil, gatorback serpentine belt, front springs/shocks. it has lowering springs in the back which i was planning to replace with some stock ones but never got around to it. the tranny is in good shape but it grinds on 4th a little sometimes if you dont put the clutch in all the way.

    the body needs some work but not beyond repair. it had a minor fender bender before i got it which bent the inner fender a little (see pic) and the roof has some nasty spots which need repair, i dont know what happened to it. it needs some bondo or repair.

    it has a clean california title in my name. it is sold as is. it would be a good parts car or project. if you have any questions email me at [email protected] . all i want for it is $2500. Price is Firm. It is worth that in parts. Check out my photobucket page below for more pics.

    88 mustang pictures by ucantcme72 - Photobucket









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