1988 Mustang Gt 5.0

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  1. Hey guys. I recently purchased this 88 gt 5.0. It was lowered some, but not done correctly . I just put new stock coils springs and front struts on since I got it. Looking to keep it a while. I have a few things giving trouble I can't quite figure out yet but I'm loving it so far.

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  2. Nice ride. What problems are you having with it?
  3. Well it's was lowered the springs were heated. I tried to bring it back to stock height by replacing the coils and front struts but it still sits low on the back left. Also all my lights work except the blinkers. I replaced the fuse but still no luck.
  4. Take a look at the rear control arm bushings and the torque boxes, they might be tweaked on that side. Did you replace the rear springs?
  5. Yea all 4 springs were replaced.
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