1988 mustang gt power steering pump pulley?

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  1. Im in need of a power steering pump pulley for my 88 gt. Mine is kinda wobbly and the shaft seems ok so i figure a new pulley would do the trick. Problem is when i found one online it was like 102$ and i figured id find it cheaper, then when i finally broke down and said fuggit, they stopped stocking it.

    Im wondering is there a pulley from a different ford that is compatible or does anyone have an idea where i could purchase a new one? Thanx in advance.
  2. Ok, I tried posting a link, but it wouldn't let me. March Performance makes a really nice pulley that I have on mine. Go to Summit Racing's website, and search for part # 30035-09. They have it for about $81.
  3. Pretty much any late 80s ford that uses that steering pump has a similar pulley. It might be just a little bit different diameter wise but it will work. I had one off a 1990 bronco on my 89 because mine got bent
  4. Junkyard.

    Dan in ND
    '88 'vert GT undergoing full resto.
  5. Keesor- ty bud. even tho you gave me a part number for the bracket i found what i needed from there. part number MCH-630 is what i have ordered.

    ID89gt- thanx 4 d infos.

    danond- LOL i saw your post at afm.com first. thanx mang.

    I decided to go with the aluminum to match my bbk pulleys.:cool:
  6. lol...sorry about that man. Glad you found what you needed!
  7. For others, do an ebay search for:
    Mustang Power Steering Pulley

    To try to find a used pump with the pulley:
    Mustang Power Steering Pump