1988 Mustang Gt W/t-tops

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  1. I need help. My brother in law wants to sell his 1988 Mustang GT with T-Tops. He is wants to sell it on E-Bay and is not sure of what reserve price he should set. It has ONLY 1206 ORIGINAL MILES. Not a typo, 1206 miles! Has been kept in garage since day 1. Blue Book prices are not helpful in this instance. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  2. I will give you a case of blue ribbon and pics of mustang5l5
  3. Raise you $101 :rolleyes:
  4. Simple. How bad does he want to sell it? I would imagine this thing could bring 20K to the right buyer! I assume it is flawless with those miles. If he can walk away with 10k and be happy, then that is what his reserve should be.
  5. Have him set the reserve for whatever price he wont regret selling it for.
  6. This but tell him to look around for a bit at the price some low mile foxes are bringing before he lets it go.
  7. Thanks. So as far as Mustangs go, am I to assume this particular model is not very desirable?
  8. Might be better trying to locate a broker or auctioneer that sells cars of that caliber. Granted its not rare, but it would be highly collectable to the right buyer

  9. T-tops do make the car a bit more desirable to the right person.

    I gotta ask though, what condition is it in? 1200 miles is nice, but if it was stored under a tarp for 20 years and has rust on the underside and water leak damage...it's not gonna fetch that much of a premium.

    Plus sitting may cause some issues such as the tires needing to be replaced, belts replaced, fluid changes needed, new battery, etc.

    Any pcs of the car?
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  10. Id love to have a T top fox if I had room in the garage. Pics and background on the car please.
  11. I wouldn't say that. The T-top option makes it more rare, but they are still a one of many in a production run kind of car. Although the Fox Mustangs are coming up in value (creeping up, IMO) they are still nowhere near a 60's or early 70's value. Also, you have to understand that it is impossible for people on a web forum to judge what this car will bring, because there just aren't many out there with that sort of mileage. The car is literally worth what someone is willing to pay. No one who buys that car will use it as a driver, so it has to go to a collector or at least someone who wants to drag it out for the occasional car show.
  12. The ttop option was killed off in 1988 mid year, making the 88 ttop cars very rare and desireable...typically foxes dont bring much money, even if rare, however the exclusion to that rule is clean, ultra low mile cars...have your brother set a decent reserve...if that car looks as good as the miles, it should fetch some real decent cash
  13. Sorry about posting no pics. The ones Dan emailed me totally suck. You really can't see anything because of poor pic quality. Color is red, zero rust, tires are perfect. Cannot speak for belts. Car looks like it should be sitting in a showroom.
  14. red and titanium :drool:
  15. I agree 100% with what others have said. It's really what someone is willing to pay. However, when I was shopping, I used Hagerty's as more of a gauge than Blue Book. You can find them on the web. Not sure if it will help, but maybe. Good Luck!
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  16. Here is the Ebay post on the vehicle I have discussed. The pics are perfect. Dan has already turned down 2 $20,000 offers and he just posted on Ebay this morning! Here is the link if you would like to take a peek.
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  17. Wow, it tis nice!