1988 Mustang Gt W/t-tops

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  1. Its nice however I think he is stupid for turning down 20k
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  2. I second that!
  3. Yes it tis! :) Still looks like it should be on the showroom floor. Found he has been keeping up with all the fluids. This car in better condition, you will NEVER find.
  4. Actually I think it's not stupid. If he is getting offers like this just several hours after posting, it may be worth it. This post is world wide and we know how the Europeans like American steel. All it takes is 2 who want it bad enough..
    BOOM...A bidding war could happen. After all he just posted this morning. Stupid would be to take the first nice offer when there is so much time left on the post.
  5. Well it looks like you've answered your own question when you posted this :nice:
    Now this talk section can get back to what it was intended for and not selling your car, or your buddy's car. Btw there is a section on here to sell your car FYI. Thats why the first few posts were a little snippy at this thread. However I'm a little surprised you were able to get more than a few to contribute info, must have been the left over Christmas spirit :SN:
  6. Actually, I was waiting to see some good pics of it.

    I was disappointed. :(

    BTW Ebay link removed. I don't have THAT much Christmas spirit. LOL

    Edit: Here are some of the better pics from the ad though:

    $_57[1].JPG $_57[1].JPG $_57[1].JPG $_57[3].JPG

    As nice as it is, I'd be surprised if it fetched anything even near $16k.
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  7. While that looks like a high dollar fox I'd think 12 to 15k is tops, if he gets an offer over that he should jump. These things are not to the level of first gen mustangs yet. It does look like its primo though.
  8. To admin man...I was not here to sell a car. Just to aquire info on the vehicle. I get nothing out of it other than to let my brother educate himself on what he has. And to let you know, the car found a home in Jersey for $23,500. Thanks to those who cared enough go give of their knowledge and time.

  9. A car is worth what the buyer is willing to pay. Great place for ebay to handle that for you. Not really sure what help you got here but glad someone is enjoying a nice pony. But you can see where a NEW User linking the thread to the auction doesn't help your case in what it appears to be. Wonder if you will stick around the site for a while longer:scratch:
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  10. I understand that. That's why this thread still exists. :D
  11. If i ever won the lotto...that's the kinda car i'd buy. ;)

    Well that and a Ford GT, and a GT500, and a Ferrari, and an '03 Mach 1 (always wanted one), and a.....you get the point
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  12. There was a little help here. It was some of you taking time to write me and inform me. I just wanted go contact people in the know on this. I SURE APPRECIATE. Also, the guy in Jersey who bought it, is a collector of older low mile cars. Seems it will pretty much stay in his HEATED GARAGE. :)
  13. Love that color scheme!
  14. I would buy them and drive them :D
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  15. That's awesome that a fox gt brought that kind of coin.
  16. Im glad to hear that last part! I cringed when I saw New Jersey... I am surprised it went for more than $20K, but thats cool. Goes to show the fox in the right form is starting to hit home as a collector piece. Being completely honest, that is same color scheme as my first car ('89 GT in high school), and I would have been willing to pay upward of $18K to be able to relive my glory days in a completely unmolested car (After selling my '11). Just like several said, its all about what a potential buyer feels and is willing to pay.
  17. picts please...and raise to $102.00.
  18. i'll double that... $204