1988 Notch orig 5.0 5spd low miles in NC

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  1. 1988 Ford Mustang 5.0 5spd
    1 of 313 in Regatta Blue paint is 8 of 10
    body is 9 of 10
    quarter windows are 8 of 10
    interior is 9 of 10
    drivetrain is 10
    overall car is 9 of 10
    85k original miles
    3 owners according to car fax
    blue cloth interior
    only mods are cd player, welds w new tires, and aftermarket muffler
    As nice of a last year speed density coupe you'll find w the amount of miles
    ac works and the car drives like a dream
    this is a piece of history that should only be driven to car shows
    8900 cash text 8282284289 or call and leave message
    may trade for a built 5spd fox and cash..trade price will be higher


    blutang pictures by SpeedshifterNC - Photobucket
  2. t t t now w choice of stock pony wheels and good tires for 500 less
  3. temporarily taking low ball offers as it seems the heater core has sprung a leak..so until I decide to replace it fire away
  4. heater core has been replaced..price back where it was
  5. make an offer..found a modded fox I want
  6. If you get desperate I got $5000 cash. Not trying to low ball thats just all I have to play with right now.
  7. no thnx..got a local guy coming this week for quite a bit more..hopefully
  8. 7900 cash
  9. final price drop..bought a new toy n need this gone 7500 w welds/ 7000 w ponies
  10. sorry man but thats too high of a price for that stock of a car. 85k isnt really that low miles... i paid 4500 for my 89 with 100k and many aftermarket parts. this was in january of 2010
  11. keep your opinions to a private message..Ive had plenty of interest in the car with the price where it is and plenty of experience with foxbody coupes so I know what its worth thnx
  12. I am surprised that you still have this... (or do you?) Anyway, do you still have the 10 hole wheels? How long would it take for me to get to you from Huntersville NC?
  13. it actually sold a month ago..I do have the hatch on here w pacer welds though..its a good car to start with
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.