SOLD 1988 SSP Mustang


May 31, 2016
1988 Mustang Washington State Patrol car. It is white with blue interior, black factory 10 hole wheels with 225/60x15 tires. It is a 5 speed, manual windows, locks and mirrors with no cruise control. It does not have any WHP/Police lettering/decals, light bar or "emergency" lights. It does have a spot light and working wig-wag headlights. The previous owner gave me some Motorola radio equipment, some emergency lights and a center console. I do not know of they are correct for this car. I never researched what equipment was for this car. The previous owner gave me 2 binders of maintenance records, auction information and Washington State ownership/sales records. There are black plugs from where the rear antenna and light bar wiring were. There are holes (from mounting hardware) in the interior from where equipment was mounted.
I have a Marti Report and Car Fax for the car.
I am in New Jersey 08075. I am asking $20,000.00. My email is [email protected]


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