For Sale 1988 Turbocharged 5.0, $6,400, Wichita Falls, TX area

Chris O.

Dec 12, 2019
Wichita Falls, TX
Solid car that needs someone who would like a Turbocharged 5.0. Would also be a great Christmas present for a father to give to his son as a bonding project car. The original Hurricane wheels with tires on them, two new tires that have never been mounted, some drag springs and other various extra interior parts will go with it. And anything else I can find that belong to it. The engine was built for the Turbo and I can put you in touch with the engine builder for questions about it. The engine might have 11,000 miles on it. Body is solid with typical minor surface rust on the top of the hatchback. Geared at 3.73. 2 1/2 inch MAC exhaust that sounds incredible. Aftermarket stereo with speakers, box and amplifier. Was hit in the front back in '98 and why its two tone but was repaired correctly. It was mine originally. Then I gave it to my son who drove it in high school, college and while he was in the Navy. He's in to 4x4's and motorcycles and she's been sitting up for over a year now. She needs someone to love her. I'm selling her…not giving her away… The first picture is of when she had fresh paint in 98. The hood has soaked up the paint and the clear coat is flaking in places. I have more pics as she has been rode hard and put up wet…not gorgeous but not ugly right now...


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