Electrical 1989 5.0 Need Serious Electrical Help

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Wonderbread750, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Here's all the wires that I removed from my 90 GT this weekend, anyone have a schematic?

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  2. I hate going to Mustang funerals, so please excuse me for not attending yours.... :(
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  3. It's not a funeral at all! Just the opposite, it's a rebirth! All my electrical mods are done except for extending the shielded TFI harness to the fender. Now I'm working on cleaning up the engine bay and welding up all the unnecessary holes.
  4. Man i hope properly soldered every connection youve made. Looks like this thread was created due to a bad crimp. And what is all that removed from :scratch:
  5. All new connections are good. Removed air bag system, stereo system, heater controls, rear defrost, cruise control, power mirrors, interior lighting, (except panel), unused connectors, few other odds and ends. Now it has exterior lighting, wipers, horn, power windows and locks, and EEC IV. I cut up the air box and set it up to just have the defroster, and I'll put the fan on a toggle. Plugged everything in temporarily except PCM, and all works as it should, has power at PCM. Probably took somewhere around 100 lbs. out, before this I already had it down to about 3200 lbs. depending on fuel with 6-point cage, Tremec, blower, steel bell housing, safety loop, and subframe connectors.