1989 A Pillar Interior Plastic, Can't Find It Anywhere.

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  1. So, I've been off this site for many years and I finally have another Stang to work on. It's a 1989 LX Hatch and the interior restoration was started before I purchased the car. The individuals that started the process apparently are super human idiots. They overtightened every single trim piece that has an exposed screw. That being said, I have to now replace almost every single piece of interior trim. I can find some of the panels online for sale such as the sill plates and rear plastic trim. I can not find the A-Pillar plastic pieces. I can only find pillars with gauges in them?

    Does, any one know where I can find these pieces repro or NOS?

  2. I dont know of any OE style pieces other than the junk yard or someone parting a car out. Its been talked about around here, but nothing has happened just yet.
  3. thanks for responding for this guy!
  4. You know you could probably fix at least some of those parts with some plastic welding and paint if necessary. Just a thought.
  5. Finding an extra on Ebay was not a problem for my 91. There are several big specialists there you can message to set you up with a private auction.
  6. Thank you guys for the responses. I'll check out ebay. Seems like there could be a market here for some reproduction pieces? These fox bodies are hitting classic car ages and I'm sure there are many people that are looking for these as new pieces.

    Thank you again!
  7. I have another interior trim related question. My car has the grey interior, I expect I will have to paint what ever trim I get. Does anyone know the paint code for the interior grey in 1989? Also, can anyone recommend the proper process for priming and painting? I'll also hit up the search for information as well.
  8. run a search. There's the proper colors available in spray can from Latemodel Resto. I personally buy mine from R&E Paint supply online