1989 GT/Cobra?

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  1. I was looking at an 89 Gt/Cobra for sale and I was wondering what makes it so special of being a GT/ cobra instead of just a plain Gt? Iv'e seen the sweet 93 Svt cobras that are sweet, but it looked like a plain GT and it didnt even have the Cobra intake? I like the car but is it event that special? What do you guys know about the Gt/cobra's?
  2. As far as I understand it, GT Cobra's are just GT's, but were the Canadian version. All the GT's that were shipped to Canada were given the Cobra sticker. Mine had one on it originally.
  3. that was my understanding as well...especially since there was not real conbra om 89 ...'93 was the first year :nice:
  4. No Mustang was an SVT cobra until 1993. These guys are right about why the title or advertisement said GT/Cobra.... Canadian Mustangs are rebadged as Cobras, but they are just a regular GT with a different name. If you want a cobra, it'll have to be a 1993 or higher model year
  5. In Canada mine is called a COBRA but if I were to go to the States it's just a plain old GT

  6. Or a '79-'80


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  7. I ment the SVT produced Cobras... oops
  8. even my insurance calls it a cobra.....


    blurred out the important stuff

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  9. Thanks alot guys! Now I am certain it is not a true Cobra Mustang
  10. my insurance says the same