1989 LX 5.0 For Sale

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  1. First of all thanks for the free add Stangnet. :hail2:

    I have up for sale my 89 Lx. The car is white, with white pony rims. Very rare tan/beige interior. I have owned this car for around 15 years now. It is mostly stock with a few performance options but not many.

    Hurst Shifter.
    Hooker Super Comp Shorty headers.
    BBK Off road H-pipe.
    3.55 Richmond gears.
    A/C eliminated/smog pump also.
    Accel 300 Ignition.
    Flowmaster exhaust.

    I am an ex body man/painter, and about 5 years ago the body was stripped to bare metal. I then did the body, and painted the car with Sikkens. Paint is still in wonderful condition. New windshield, rear glass, window motors, heater core, carpet, floor mats.

    The engine was rebuilt about 5k ago... and 6 years ago or so. The car is very rarely driven. The engine was a "stock" rebuild. Nothing fancy. Trans is stock and untouched. 5speed manual.

    The car has been sitting for quite some time and will need a few things in the future. I would suggest some new suspension components as most of the suspension is stock and original. Motorsport lowering springs were installed in 1998. The odomoter says 40k.. it is rolled over and is actually 140k. The car also has the 140mph speedo.

    The car is located in Southern Wisconsin.
    Please contact me at my email if interested.

    [email protected]

    I am interested in cash/or possibly MOPAR trades.

    I am not sure of a value of the car so please make a reasonable offer and we can go from there.

    For trades I am interested in 67-69 Darts, 67-69 Barracuda's, and 62-70 B Body Mopars. Thanks for looking.

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  2. whats the price
  3. I am not really sure what these cars are going for lately as I have been out of the Mustang "scene" for a long time.

    The car has a sentimental value to me also and I do not need to sell it.

    I would like $9500 for the car, open to offers and trades, thanks.
  4. Also this car has brand new Yokohama tires on it. New headlamps, side markers, emblems, cowl grill, headliner.

    The body was stripped completely including jambs to bare steel. All exterior trim was painted or replaced. The body was painted all as one, no tape lines on this car anywhere.
  5. Int. pictures please? probably closer to 7K..
  6. Interioor leather or cloth, condition,pictures of interior, way to high to me for a 140 thousand mile car..More pictures please.....Interesting tho....
  7. Sorry guys, been busy for awhile.

    Here are more photo's of the car.

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  8. New tires, windshield, rear glass, belt moldings, cowl grill, door handles, door seals, trunk seal, hood liner, head lights, marker lights, emblems. I have every part that was ever taken off this car also.
  9. Will take 8k. Have to sell now I am moving and losing storage on the car at the end of the month. Thanks!
  10. Car is still for sale... Would like to sell soon as I don't want to store any longer... Reasonable offers considered. thanks for the ad!
  11. 6K will take the car home. I need tuition money. Thanks for looking.
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