SOLD 1989 Lx 5.0 Hatchback F/s - Near Salisbury, Md - Price Dropped

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  1. Hey all, haven't posted in a while. Finally time to sell my project, as I just don't have the time I used to.

    PRICE: $7500
    LOCATION: Near Salisbury, Maryland

    Please ask any questions.

    The Bad!

    I always start with what I feel is wrong or needs to be fixed, as I view that as honest disclosure (probably why I’m not in sales).

    · There is no e-brake. I had something mocked up, but the car sits too low on the current springs, which caused the e-brake cable to rub on the drive shaft. Once a new set of stiffer, slightly taller springs are installed, these are the parts necessary to install an e-brake with the baer ironsport rear brakes.
    -Lokar XEHB-7000FK - Lokar Floor Mount Emergency Hand Brake
    -Lokar brake cables EC-80FUTB for Thunderbird brakes (EC-80FU does not have a long enough threaded portion, I learned this the hard way, and wasted that money.

    · As I said, the car sits very low. It has a set of intrax lowering springs (from the previous owner). They aren’t stiff enough and the car is sitting very low. I had planned on putting on a slightly more rigid set before I decided to sell. They don’t hurt regular driving, but in very hard cornering and braking, there is some slight tire rub in the front (thusly the 235 tires instead of the 255).

    · Although almost every component on the car is low miles, the body and paint are from 1989. There are numerous scratches, chips, and a few small dings and dents. She is a 10 footer, but the paint really is starting to show its age.

    · The fiberglass front bumper has some damage to the front corner, and is cracked on the bottom in the center. It is an aftermarket saleen piece, and the replacement part out of urethane from Cervinis is fairly cheap.

    · The bushings in the rear control arms should be replaced, they, along with the lowering springs, are the cause of the drive shaft rubbing on any e-brake cable installed due to the change in pinion angle.

    · The dimmer switch inside is showing its age, and can be finicky. I suspect the variable resistor inside isn’t making a good contact point anymore. It is a simple replacement.

    · There is some bump steer, and turning the wheel too hard will cause the inside edge of the 17" wheel to rub on the a-arm. I had planned on switching to tubular a-arms with coil overs to solve this problem.

    The Good!:

    I have owned this car since 2004 and have touched just about every part of it. Beyond some very minor surface rust on some scratches on the outside of the body (less than half a dime size), there isn’t a bit of rust on any part of this car. I have never taken this car to the drag strip, and built it for cruising (3.55 gears). The interior has been completely pulled, and it has sound deadening on the floor to rival luxury cars. Every single part listed has 30,000 miles or less (estimated, probably far less), as I have spent more time under and inside working on the car than I have driving it. The car is completely drivable though, and I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across the country. I drive it to work occasionally, and take it out on weekends to goof off sometimes.

    Drive train:

    · Remanufactured 5.0 Engine by Mid Atlantic Engines in 2002. Serial #46093

    · Remanufactured tremec world class t-5 (installed at same time as engine)

    · Cobra Upper and Lower Intake manifold

    · Brand new oil pump + pan

    · Hydraulic roller cam (believe it to be a b303)

    · March idler pulley delete

    · AC Delete

    · BBK cold air intake

    · Shorty Headers

    · Off-road H-pipe

    · Raven performance mufflers

    · 3” aluminum driveshaft

    · 31 spline posi rear (3.55 rear end ratio) – posi works flawlessly

    · 31 spline Ford Racing Performance Parts 5 lug forged rear axles

    · New differential cover with girdle and drain plug


    · 5 lug upgrade complete.

    · 13” front twin piston cobra rotors/calipers

    · 11.5” baer ironsport rear disc brakes.

    · Stainless steel brake lines

    · Brand new rear hardline

    · Adjustable brake proportioning valve

    · Upgraded master cyclinder to maintain proper pedal pressure.


    · Complete custom sound deadening. (ceramic microsphere + por15 base, foil backed foam 2nd layer, mass loaded vinyl 3rd layer, covered with brand new carpet with jute padding). The car is very quiet inside, and is isolated from engine heat.

    · Brand new headliner made from ABS plastic instead of old flimsy cardboard.

    · Complete Black interior with un-cracked black dash!!

    · Florida 5.0 gauge cluster with full Autometer phantom II gauges.

    · Scat procar seats with sliders and tilt functionality.

    · Corbeau retractable 4 pt harnesses with custom mounts.

    · K DeZines rear seat delete kit (1/2” MDF kit with removable panels to access spare tire and storage areas.)

    · Brand new Power door lock actuators

    · Brand new power window motors

    · All new weathers seals (hatch and doors)

    · Black door kit with billet switch plates.


    · PA Performance 200 amp alternator

    · Big 3 wiring upgrade complete with 1/0 AWG CCA cable

    · Shuriken BT-60 AGM battery underhood

    · 2 additional Shuriken BT-20 AGM batteries in rear storage area.

    · All wiring and grounds done with 1/0 AWG CCA cable, with all connectors soldered.


    · Fiberglass Saleen front clip (cracked in bottom center, some chips + scratches)

    · Fiberglass Saleen rear wing.

    · New door moldings + door handles.

    · Brand NEW quarter windows (perfect rubber, no pitting)

    · 4” fiberglass cowl induction hood with hood pins

    · One piece headlights with new bulbs

    · Welded in 4 Point mild steel roll bar.

    · Welded in sub-frame connectors.


    · 17” 2003 Cobra replicas with 255/45/17’s on rear (almost brand new) + extra set of brand new rear tires. 235/45/17’s on front.

    · Full set of OEM 17” Mustang Anthracite Bullit wheels (tires on these wheels need to be replaced)


    · Hifonics Brutus BRZ1700.1D Subwoofer Amplifier

    · HiFonics Zeus ZRX2000.4 Speaker Amplifier

    · 2 Hifonics Brutus BRZ12D4 12 inch 4-Ohm DVC Subs

    · Hifonics Zeus ZXI6.5C 2 way component front speakers

    · JVC Arsenal KDA735BT HeadUnit with Remote + Bluetooth+Front/Rear USB

    · Clarion EQS746 7 band equalizer

    · Custom bus bars + turn on relays

    · All connections have been soldered.

    Pics in replies!
  2. The stereo box, it was out of the car for photo purposes. Here are some of the build plans for it as well.
    4R7aVFG.jpg QPakD.jpg
  3. Here is a video of startup and some revs. It also shows voltage, and oil pressure (both accurate!)

  4. Damn, I was hoping for at least some interest.:(
  5. well out of my price range, but that is an awesome car! GLWS
  6. Thanks chriskarel. She has been a labor of love for the last 10 years just about. I originally thought it would be a 5 year plan, but I have spent more time under the car than in it, getting it just the way I want it. Unfortunately (or as luck may have it), my wife and I worked it out so that I could get a 2014 mustang gt track pack, but I also had to replace my pickup. I now have a 1970 chevy c20 that needs some restoration, and between that and the mods I want to do to the 2014, I just don't have the time or budget for this one anymore (and I like the 2014 a bit better). I never thought I would part with the car, but when I sell it, that is my mod budget for the new one!!

    My joined date is a few months after I bought this mustang, and stangnet has been a huge help.
  7. Price Drop: Stangnet special only - $6800
  8. Bump and final price drop: $6500. I need the room in my garage guys, this is a steal for the parts alone.

    The pictures show the car as kind of dirty, because I haven't had a chance to give her a bath yet, and it is a bit too cold right now.
  9. Bump..not a lot of interest. Rather disheartening.
  10. Hey I gotta say man I love the stang. Looks nice and actually I'm looking for a nice foxbody so I'm really interested in it..but I'm waiting for taxes thats the only its a nice looking car though
  11. If its still available reply with some more info like gas mileage and anything. I really like it
  12. It is still available. It gets anywhere from 12 - 22 mpg depending on how you drive it.:) In 5th gear at around 60mph it is around 2k rpm I think. Only 3.55 gears so it is really nice for highway driving.

    I've had it up to 142 mph (before I did a lot of the work) and have a speeding ticket for a 107 in a 55 many years ago (same day, he caught me on the tail end). So I can verify it goes at least 107.;)
  14. Hi @jeremy james, did you have a question about the car?
  15. 142 huh? That aint bad..and I can deal with the mileage either way..thats not a big deal to me..but like I said I'm definitely interested man. Just waiting on money..what all did u put on the engine
  16. I think I listed everything the engine has. When I bought it in 04, it was just getting the re-manufactured engine put in it. I have a good portion of that paperwork that showed the engines warranty, etc. Awesome that you are interested, let me know when you get the money available. If you want to come look at it in person and go on a drive first, let me know.
  17. Hey man, I was browsing the web, and found this car, I am absolutely in love with it! The only problem is the money. I'm working on getting it to buy this car. I've been a stang fan for as long as I can remember! And I LOVE fox body hatchbacks! As soon as I get up the money. I will definetly be investing in this beautiful piece of work you got there. The engine sounds great! And the sound system is top notch! I love the racing seats as well! The car is just amazing overall! I only hope I can get up the money before someone else buys this beaut! My personal email is [email protected]. I'd love to further discuss it with you sometime! Thanks!
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