SOLD 1989 Lx 5.0 Hatchback F/s - Near Salisbury, Md - Price Dropped

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by UMDSmith, Nov 17, 2013.

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  1. Thanks, sent you a personal email. Spring is when I plan on going whole hog on listing this thing everywhere. RIght now it is a stangnet/craigslist exclusive.
  3. contact me asap i want the car my number is 315-5200728...i have family that lives in randals town
  4. did you sell this car yet? id like to come check it out.. and was wondering if you'd take 5000 for it? That's all I have in budget at the moment. where about are you located? im in Berlin Maryland.
  5. $6,000 right now if you still have it im in randalstown Md
  6. Can't take 5k. I did send you a PM, so please reply back if you are interested.
  7. Contacted you Fox Body finatic.
  8. Do you still have this car for sale ????? We are completely interested ASAP inquiry.
    330-888-8957 Angela Petry/ Rick Ward
    330-356-3165 Rick Ward/ Angela Petry
  9. It is still available. Send me an e-mail umdsmith(at) .

    I actually had to drive it as my daily this past week as my 2014 mustang had to go in for a warranty clutch issue. It was fun.:)
  10. sent you an e mail
  11. I just lost my 87 hatchback to explosion and fire. So I'm interested and I'm right in Delaware. I'm gonna crunch some numbers and see if your price is doable. I will contact you when I find out my budget.
  12. Explosion and fire??? There has to be a story there. It sucks you lost yours. Contact me whenever if you want to come check out the car.
  13. Yeah..I've had the car for 10 years and never once had a problem working on it or fixing it. I take it to a "certified emissions" mechanic one time to get it thru inspection, and they supposedly did some timing work, "cleaned and serviced fuel injectors". Well they did none of the sort, cuz 5 months later I find a massive fuel leak on my #8 bad it was like turning on the kitchen faucet. So Just last Saturday I took it all apart, and the O ring on that injector was completely split. They hadn't touched ANY of the injectors or "cleaned and serviced" them, but they damn sure billed me for it. So I was on my way to my cousins Sunday night for "Game of Thrones", car was running great. Get 5 mins away from his house, and a very loud backfire explosion under the right front of the car and POOF, fire. Car burnt to the ground.
  14. That is crazy, I'm sorry about your car. If you ever want to come down and look at the mustang, just let me know. I'm fairly close to Salisbury.
  15. Oh I absolutely do..just crunching some numbers to make sure I can afford it. Once I get the money squared away I'll be giving you a call.
  16. Dude, I'm gonna be in Ocean City this weekend for Cruise week. The gf told me to get your address, that we should come take a look. My names Jon by the way, nice to meet you...sort of, lol
  17. What's your recourse with these monkeys? Any at all?
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