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  1. Got alot done today got most of the body work knocked out hopefully will have the body prepped for prime tomorrow:nice:
  2. Looking good, nice progress
  3. Thanks Guys I got lil more done today.

  4. Brian, have you considered painting the mirrors body color? I think that's a great look myself.
  5. Yeah Dave, I am painting the new mirror the same as the body. I like the way it looks I ordered new mirrors and all new lower body moldings last night. I got alot done tonight with the car. I should have the car in final primer by this week. I am playing with my orginal trunk lid. Trying to fill in all the holes and use the stock spoiler with a little modification. I will post more pics tomorrow. thanks for looking Brian
  6. Here are some pics of my car back when the only exterior mod was a coupe trunk lid. I actually wish I had kept the wingless look, in retrospect.
  7. Thanks Dave I really like the wingless look. I have decided to use the stock spoiler and 3rd brake light. I am going to mock it up and see what it looks like. I am have a hell of a time finding a drivers side front fender extension. Sanded for about four hours today found both doors are split apart in the same spot. :mad: Hopefully I will get buddy's welder here next week. After looking at another thread on here I am really having thoughts about pulling my motor so I can get into the engine bay and shange the color properly. I have prepped the door jams and trunk and have went all the way with it. I just am not looking forward to the pull if I do it. :shrug: Got the body damn near ready for final prime today. Back to work tomorrow so wont get after it till Sunday. Brian
  8. Well Got a little done today. I have been searching for a fender extension for the drivers side for over a month. I found a couple on Ebay but they wanted $130.00 for them so I passed. I called all the wrecking yards around and no fox bodies:mad:. Today I got a call from a local wrecking yard and told me they had two fox bodies in Both were coupes and Lx's so most of the parts would fit. I got over to the wrecking yard and low and behold there was a perfect drivers side fender extension and trunk lid. I snagged a few other odds and ends for $46.00. If you guys are in to the black interiors Pick and Pull In Tacoma Wa has a 93 LX with a cherry black interior even the headliner was spotless. My wife was with me and could not get over how clean the interior of that car was in a junk yard. Anyways I will try to get after the bodywork again this week I only get one day off this week so not much getting done.:(
  9. Dang, if it was Opal Gray, I'd be all over it.

    If you need any other parts, drop me a line and I'll hook you up with my Fox guy.
  10. Been a while since I posted any updates. We have had crappy weather and I have been working alot of overtime so progress has been slow :mad:. I found the trunk lid at a wrecking yard with a bunch of other parts for $46.00 I snapped some photos today the trunk lid is just set on not bolted on in case you were curious. I also snagged a set of new mirrors for it last week for $40.00. The wife calls it a pinto right now with all of the spot putty.

    I am hoping to rent the spray booth next month and get her in paint. Should be cutting in the jambs and underhood in the next week or so. Hopefully we get some above 60degree weather with no rain!

    New Color
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    Thanks for looking and letting me share this build with you guys. Brian

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  11. Got a new set of Chrome Cobra R Wheels and new tires for it today picked up a Stall converter for it yesterday got a B&M shift kit to install slowly the parts are arriving hopefully soon I will get some time off.;) I have all the body work finished except the drivers door.
  12. Finally got all of the body work done today got a few more parts added to the work bench to install. Currently awaiting instal Headers, off road X-Pipe, Tranny Shift Kit, Stall Torque Converter, NEw Battery Tray, New moldings (which will be painted same color as car), New Cobra R Rims and tires, And a few odds and ends. Ordered paint today hopefully be here tomorrow can start cutting in jambs. :nice::nice::nice:
  13. Was injured at work last week so didn't get to pay with the stang until today. Finally picked up the pain and clear. Got my BBK Headers installed Hopefully have some progress pics later this week Brian
  14. Great job! And fantastic to see that your daughter is involved with the car. I hope that when my kids get older they will do the same thing... I know my father got me involved at a young age helping him work on his 69 Cobra Jet Torino.
  15. Nice progress!!! Car is looking nice...Quick question tho...are you fixing the front bumper cover on the drivers side? It seems buckled on the underneath side...Color you picked is really nice...Cant wait to re-paint my vert!!!!
  16. I have a heat gun and am going to try to heat it up and get the shape back if I can't get it to come back I am going to replace it. I have done a lot of work to it so I hope I can get it to come back. The indentation id from my drivers side lower ball joint snapping and folding my wheel back:mad:. Was not a good day.

    Got the BBK shorty headers installed last night and they say they will not rub on the steering arm .... BS...... :mad:
  17. Here is a couple of photos Headers installed, drivers door prepped for welding and front bumper ready for the heat gun.




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  18. Haha, thanks for reminding me. My long tubes always rubbed my steering arm. You could hear a light squeal when you turned the wheel but I always dealt with it and never paid it to much mind as it wasn't that loud. About two or three months ago I put new motor mounts on it. I haven't heard the squeal since then, but never noticed it was gone until right now when I read your rubbing issue.

    Very nice car, definitely one of my favorite verts, very simple, very clean, looks like you got a good thing going there, Cant wait to see finished product. Sorry to hear about the injury at work, hope all is well, stay safe out there.

    Also want to say, jealous of you picking up the car for your daughter. Cant wait until my son is old enough to get into a good hobby.
  19. Here is the progress on the bumper. as you recall my front bumper was dented pretty good here is a pic


    and after a little heat here is what it currently looks like


    I should be able to get the rest with a lil more heat and fiberglass filler. I removed the trunk and hood today prepping the undersides for a coat of paint tonight hopefully but we will see what the honey do list intails today.

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