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  1. Well after 3 hours of burning fingers a few dozen :nono: words I decided to swap the bumper out. Dave located me a used bumper for an excellent price. Hopefully I will be able to get it on this weekend.

    This last weekend sucked as the honey do list grew and grew for each one I marked off I think three got added.

    Thanks again Dave for yourt help! Brian
  2. Glad I could help.
  3. Just curious if anyone has installed a Roadrunner Torque Converter 2200-2600 stall any issues with them???????? I have one in the box in the garage I am debating on installing.
  4. Personally, I'm a big believer in "you get what you pay for". That converter you got sells for $129. Even though you got it for free, I don't know that I'd want to go to the effort to put it in and have to do it over again if it turns out to be crap.
  5. Well after being at work for 10 hours I jumped in the car and made a 2 and a 1/2 hour drive and got my new front bumper. I thought I was just getting a front bumper cover but as it turned out I got the entire assymbly as well as the front license plate bracket and holder. The drive back was only one hour as I did not have to fight Seattle traffic. The bumper is in near mint shape and sure will make life easier. Thanks again to David for your help in locating this for me and Thanks to Brad's Custom Auto for the awsome deal!!!


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  6. New Nose installed and properly aligned. Hood off underside prepped for paint everything is coming together on her:D I have one spot I am redoing on the body work passenger side lower rocker had a dent and it just not quite there yet. All jambs are prepped for paint except drivers door. Still need a welder for that crack. Got trunk lid prepped and jamb prepped as well if I can get the drivers door welded I will have paint on the jambs next weekend.



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  7. damn thats clean! I wish my bumper was in that good of a condition.

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  8. Brads Cutom Auto Sold that complete Very clean Bumper for $100.00 It was well worth the headache of driving in Seattle Traffic!!!:D
  9. Got the driver's door welded today. Becklers mobile welding service came to the house this morning with their truck and did the 10 minute job for $100.00. I would have tried welding it myself but have never welded before and did not want to scew up. I felt that the $100 was good for the mobile service. Now I can finish prepping the jambs and get them cut in this weekend:D


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  10. Nice build thread and photos. can't wait to see it completed.
  11. Awesome work so far. You're a perfectionist, which means this is a really awesome thread.
  12. good work man the project is coming along nicely
  13. Thanks for the kind comments guys. It is coming along. The Paint Gods shined down on me today and I was able to cut the jambs in today and paint the underside of the truk lid and hood. Here are some pics


    The color is alot darker than expected but I like it changes from blue to purple almost a cobalt.

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  14. Thats a nice color..I really like it alot...:nice: Keep up the good work cant wait to see the finally result...I would love to paint my 87 GT vert a different color but my interior is RED...:mad:..and im not going to change everything...Your doing a great job!!!!!
  15. Thanks GT Going to a local show today then back at it this afternoon try to get the engine compartment sprayed tonight.:nice:
  16. Very awesome. I love the color.
  17. Got the engine bay cut in today before I head off to work. Got all of the jambs and engine bay cleared as well. :nice:




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  18. I was just thinking that the blue looks awesome against the white. A little late now for a two-tone, eh?
  19. LOL yes a lil late indeed. That is actually gray primer but the sun is so bright it looks white
  20. Haha. Oh well. Carrol Shelby would probably sue you, anyway.


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