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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1989DropTop, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Been working on the engine compartment for two days now getting stuff cleaned up and replaced. I still have a lot to do in there but showing some progress:D I am looking to have the car in paint on Sunday.


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  2. Got a little done today:D Wife even came out and played :)





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  3. Nice! Now we need to find you some springs. :D
  4. Thanks and yes she is sitting pretty high I need to drop her soon!
  5. Wow very nice Looks great!!!! :nice:.... I love the color!!!!!!
  6. Wow... That looks amazing. Good job. :nice:
  7. :nice: Nice color, wish I could get away from my white with red interior myself.
  8. Thanks guys for the kind comments. its been a fun project looking forwrd to bolting her back together. I have a lot still to do to it so far from finished. Had a slight mishap with the hood so tomorrow will be resanding and painting hood. Damn bug flew right into the center of wet paint.
  9. Bummer about that bug, but that paint looks gorgeous.
  10. Thanks Street 5 coats of clear does that for a paint job :D getting after sanding the hood sown and I will cut and rub the car this week so she will be like glass. It is very deep and changes color on you as you stand in front of it one part will be light blue another almost purple:nice:
  11. That will be sweet! Can't wait to see the finished product.
  12. what color is that?? looks gorgeous!
  13. Thanks Blue, the color is called Deep Blue metallic. I wanted a color that I don't see on every car at the shows. I think I have acheived my goal so far at all of the shows I have been too the closest to this color I have seen was a 94-96 Saleen.
  14. D*mn that looks great. :nice:


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  15. Thanks Fox, I have been busy doing little things on the engine and under carriage while waiting for the paint to cure and wet sand again.



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  16. Just brought home another 5.0 complete motor today. Got 4 sets of heads and intakes from people cleaning out their garages and they thought mine would be better than theirs. I have the stang wet sanded back down waiting to get the booth to respray the car. been working on a GT40 intake set that I am polishing out to make it look like chrome oh what a chore this has been so far. Got Lowering Springs on the way. Should be a productive week.

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  17. Been working on the stang. Got Lowering Springs for it and installing those. Got new A-Arms from Dave ( Thank You) to fix one that was broken. I have them out and taking the new ones to get new ball joints pressed in tomorrow. Front will be dropped. Back I will attack this weekend. Waiting for a gallon of Clear to arrive to re-shoot the paint. I wet sanded the entire car again and going to re shoot it in a booth here local. Got a set of GT40 Heads and a couple of Gt40 Intakes this week. I also bought another 89 Convertible on Monday. I will get some pics of it soon. Black on Black with 82k documented miles. The 79 got new windshield installed yesterday found one that was shaded for 70.00 installed.

  18. Very awesome. I can't wait to see it stanced.
  19. Dang, you've been busy.

    We need to get together again soon.
  20. Well I got her Lowered and low she is I can barely get the jack under it. I will get some photos of her posted soon I finally got the clear coat I have been waiting for in the mail today So Paint will be in the next few weeks if I can get some time off. Completly pressure washed the wheel wells then freshened everything up with new undercoating in the wheel wells. Been working on my daughters 79 Coupe as well it's on jack stand right now as I replace the ball joints and tie rods. Brian

    Dirty but here is a couple of pics as soon as I can get her out and get some photos I will.

    Rear looking foward
    Tires on the front now look like 4x4 tires Plans include lowwer profile tires for the front and Looking to go to 10 inch wide in the rear.