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  1. Got a little polishing done

  2. Went to a friend of mines Wrecking/tow yard that is 5 blocks down the road today and got a nice surprise. I asked the owner last week if he had any explorers with 5.0 and he said yes got one let me do some digging and I will get back with you. I showed up today and got Upper Intake with throttle body, Lower Intake with 4 hole 19lbs injectors, Fuel rail, wiring harness, coil packs, etc...basically the entire upper half of the motor. And a set of GT40P 4 bar heads for $108.46 out the door. The nice part was he had the shop guys pull everything for me so it was all in a box when I showed up. He asked if I wanted the block which is complete for another $50.00 which I passed on. :eek:
  3. How's the paint process going?
  4. Been busy working on the 79, new inner and outer tie rods, new ball joints took the old springs from my 89 and cut them with a dremmel. Gave the 79 about a 2 inch drop and being the 89 is a convert it has nice stiff springs to begin with rather than cut the 4 cylinders springs. I took the taillights out of the 83 GT I drug home I tore them apart washed the housing u getting it ready for paint. I polished the lenses and will be installing them in the 89. I am going to start sanding on the 79 this week and thinking about taking both stangs to the booth on the same day. I will rent the booth for 8 hours which is more than enough to paint both.
  5. Wow, looking good Brian. I usually don't like blue as a car color but yours looks really good, I'm impressed! Keep it up and I'm going to search for your threads on your other cars, lol.
  6. Hi Guys and Gals been a long while since I posted an update so I thought I would. I have been very busy with work and life! My 89 is currently awaiting a trip to the paint booth I am moving in two weeks so I will probably have it in the booth in late Jan early Feb. I have it completely prepped again ready to go. I have a deposit on the booth just a matter of time. I have a Engine build going on as well. Bought a 90 Convert for my Daughter. been working on it to get it safe on the road been sitting since 2004. I still have the 79 as a project as well. I will get some photos on soon Brian
  7. Here is a couple of shots of the 90 I bought for my daughter.



    After a lil clean up!!



    And This is how my 79 is Currently sitting:

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  8. Well got building again or should I say tearing down after the move and getting daughters vehicles etc.... Here is what I have been doing with a good friend the past couple of days. Will be sanding the firewall and reshooting it. Engine is getting completly rebuilt got brand new (rebuilt from arkland Machine) GT40P heads ready to slap on.


  9. Engine is back from Shop, 5 lug conversion done on front, transmission has B&M shift kit and stall Converter installed. firewall painted.

  10. That blue is so cool!
  11. Thanks Street, I can't wait to get it back into the booth this month or next to finish the job. It really dances in the sunlight.
  12. Got some new shoes for it tonight from another Snagnet member Thanks to Bullit347 for the deal
  13. Glad to help............they look good!
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  14. Removed the rear axles and rear gears today have some new 5 lug ranger axels being shipped and 4:10 gears should wake it up a lil
  15. Motor Back in today
  16. Got her running again She is a beast!!!!

  17. Off of jack stand for the first time in 5 months.
  18. Wow.. shes coming out great! I just started prep for paint on my car as well. Only i'll be painting mine in my garage ;)