Build Thread 1989 Lx Convert Build Thread

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  1. Looking great! I LOVE those wheels with the paint, and the engine bay looks amazing.
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  2. Thanks Coupe, Been working a ton of overtime so havenot had the chance to put a lot of time in it. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel now. I painted it once already Coupe in the garage, had lil bugs decide they like the smell of the alcohol in the paint that is why it is back wet sanded downwaiting to go to the booth.

    The hour of fresh paint before bugs got in it and sporting 4 Lugs
  3. Thanks Street Still got a lot of clean up to do but it is getting there If I can figure out how to post a video I will get one on of her running she sounds like it was made for the track.
    From This
    to This so far
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  5. Starting the wet sand process again getting a few little things buttoned up I am thinking I will have it into the booth I am renting next two weeks. Fingers crossed
  6. Got some work done after moving delayed me again for a while.

  7. Love that shade of blue!

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  8. looking good.. great color.. wheels look great on it..

    what lowwering kit is that? perfect stance. would like to get mine sitting like that..

    what did you do with the pony wheels?
  9. Thanks guys! Wheels are tucked away along with about 4 other sets of 4 lug wheels. The lowering kit is SVE from Late Model Restoration. It said not recommended for Converts but boy it made it squat nice. I have nice clearance in the wheel wells. The spring kit sells for $89.00. Looking forward to putting her back together and getting some street time with the new motor. I need to tune the cpu.... researching that process.
  10. Is that the GM Electric Blue?
  11. Duplicolor deep blue metallic is the color
  12. Car looks awesome man. Love that blue!
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  13. Thanks! There is a little over 3k worth of parts from Late Model Restoration in it and stil to go back on it!!! Thank you!!! for all the help!!
  14. The wheels are perfect with the blue. Well done!
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  15. Getting all of the belt moldings painted around the door and installing new weather stripping everywhere!
  16. After running around for two days looking finally fund a rivit gun big enough to do the door handles.
  17. Started the cut and rub tonight not coming out to shabby!:)
  18. Got the cut and rub finished starting to put her back together tonight.
  19. Havn't posted since the thread got moved to tech. Got her all back together interior has new carpet just getting ready for car show on 23rd of this month first outing!
  20. man your work looks great. nice find for the daughter.
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