1989 Mustang 5.0, Sputters and Smokes at High RPM

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by roadrunner_taz, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. I have a 89 5.0. Mods are: aluminum heads, rockers, headers, 75MM TB, Fuel pressure regulator, 190 lphr fuel pump, hypertech chip, 373 gears.

    My question is my care runs great under normal conditions but when I really get on it and put it to the floor it feels like a sputtering or no power at about 4000 RPM. I notice this a little in 3rd gear but it is really bad in 4th gear. If I let up on the throttle say 3/4 throttle I actually will have more power then if it is all the way to the floor. Also when it bogs down like this I notice white/blue smoke coming out the exhaust and can smell that it is burning oil.

    I initially thought it was a lack of fuel problem so I added the bigger fuel pump and changed the filter. This did not help. Engine is not pinging but I decided to try to set my timing from 14 and to about 10 and that did not help. I had put in new plugs and wires when I put my heads on so they are pretty new.

    This is a new problem that just started so it is not from the new head install. I also checked my head gasket and that is not the problem. Please Help!!!
  2. i have had white smoke come from my tailpipes and that means blown head gasket in most cases... its burning antifreez..

    i HOPE i never see blue smoke because that more often than not is an indication of oil burning in your combustion chamber:notnice:

    your problem under WOT seems like mine when i had my nitrous jets in vice versa... meaning too much fuel and not enough n2o to burn well.

    i switched the jets and it ran like a bat out of hell.... i think your getting too much fuel in there some how.... but i dont know how. what size injectors??

  3. just stock injectors which is 19lbs I think. I have read some other stuff and I am going to try a colder spark plug and a new cap, rotor and coil
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  5. i had the same problem with the breaking up around 400 rpm,, try using the brass cap and rotor,,, that was my problem... i had swapped the rotor cap from my brass one to the aluminum one because thats what i had sitting around and the brasss one was bad,,,, took it out for a drive and it would break up @ or around 4g's.. i went straight out and bought the brass one again and it would run up to 6g's without a problem .. try that out i think it will take care of your issue
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