Expired 1989 Mustang Coupe/notch, Wolferacecraft Cage, Clean, Socal

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  1. I have been using this forum for a while, but have not posted much. Reason being is that I normally use Chevy motors (am most familiar with them) and the foxbody for the ease of getting them to go fast (suspension, weight, etc). Many Ford enthusiasts do not like that. I have one of my Mustangs up for sale and was told I should post it here. Maybe someone can save it, before I start swapping anything chevy into it. It is a very clean White 1989 Ford Mustang Coupe. Located in Southern California (Inland Empire). It currently has a stock 4cyl motor, which is what i wanted to start with to help ensure the car was not abused prior to me getting it. I had a Wolferacecraft Cage and full length, thru the floor connectors professionally installed and I hve the extra bars for under the hood, which can be installed after the stock motor is pulled. cage needs to be painted, but interior has been reinstalled, cage is very nice... the car has around 108000 on that original 4 cyl and does run good. I have more than my asking price in the car and cage. i would like to get $3500 for it. I also have some parts I wont be using, including a fuel cell, 8.8 rear with 3.73s and posi... that can go with it... the posi has 5 lug axles (needs brakes)

    If I need to modify anything in this posting or add more info, MODS, please let me know and this will be done asap. I have a great reputation on many sites, and if those sites need to be provided, that can be done also, since, my post count is low. thanks... please pm me if you are a serious buyer or have any other questions.

    pic links are all messed up for some reason... here is a link to a photo album, guest passcode is mustang

    http://s149.photobucket.com/user/gtsdesigns/library/1989 Caged FoxBody Coupe FOR SALE
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    carpet is in the car, but showing this picture (have more of the cage being installed, to show the extra driver door bar and the full length, thru floor connectors, that part of the cage was painted white, the rest of the cage has not been painted, cause was going to do a color change on the car and was going to be painted to match car...

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  3. Pink Slip in Hand, and Tagged and Registered (just passed smog legally, for those in Ca) so you can swap the motor and you have a couple years to figure how to make the car "smog legal" before it needs another smog. lol... this is a pretty clean car.
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