1989 Mustang Lx Hatch, Auto With Od Resurrection.

Chris Petti

Mar 14, 2017
Hello Stangnet,
I am a new mustang owner and will need help getting my car where I want it to be. I have a 1989 Mustang LX hatchback with a Automatic transmission. The car has a shift kit and transmission cooler. The car also has under drive pulleys, Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers with cats and I believe a H pipe. I haven't laid under the car and analyzed it yet. It sat for 7 years so it has a new fuel system in it. I just placed a few orders with LMR because the speedo was bouncing then it just stopped working. The driver side door doesn't want to close correctly. So I think my first goal with this car is to get it back up to snuff. Make sure everything shuts correctly and functions as it should. A nice example of a 89 fox body. The car is going to Team Z Motorsports for Sub frame connectors as soon as it comes out of storage. This is the first modification I have on the list. The second is going to be RIms 17"x9", WideTires 235-275, Lowering springs, Sway Bar, SN95 Disc Brake package 5 lug. So yeah, I think that is all at the moment. I'm using a lot of forums to find used parts. I want to do this on a budget. If I spend too much the car isn't a toy anymore. So here are some photo's to show you guys where I am at. Any suggestions would help. I was also looking at deleting the Cats and putting in a off road pipe for some extra horsepower.


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SN Certified Technician
Aug 27, 2012
In the garage
nice clean car,. Welcome. I would highly suggest removing the UD pulleys as they cause more problems with cooling and charging than the 5hp gain at 5000 rpm.
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