1989 mustang notch 2.3 swapped to a 351

Discussion in 'Fox Engine Swaparoo' started by scott-f, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. i have a 1989 mustang notchback with a 2.3 5 speed and im swapping it with a 351. i hope there are some people on here that can give me some suggestions and info on doing this swap. thanks
  2. look up three50won...I believe he has a fox body with a 351.

    Shouldn't be a difficult swap at all really as long as you have the front dress for the engine, 351 into Fox headers, correct engine mounts, and such. I work with a retired gentleman who took a '79 Fairmont wagon and dropped in a 351W with a couple of goodies. I believe his best time was somewhere in the high 11s...:)
  3. following is a good ref for your conversion. im hoping to start 85 s10 chevy blazer with a windsor 427sbFord v8 conversion in another couple of weeks. this is real not photoshopped. its backed by an nv4500 5speed with a 84 F150 top loader bellhousing conversion. motor is a coast dominator kit 10.6 cr afr225 heads trick flow r intake 42#inj .592 lift 252 dur and 112 lobe sep running A9l box and anderson piggyback ecu 80mmprom and 75 tb-looking for 600hp on pump gas no boost or nos.
  4. Now that's certainly something you don't see everyday! :cheers: I've seen buttloads of people put chevy engines in Mustangs, but very rarely do I see a blue oval powerplant in a bowtie!

    Nice setup btw-I just pulled the S-trimmed 5.0 out of my '84 today...kinda bittersweet moment. I bet that truck is pretty mean