Expired 1989 Saleen Mustang #283

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Whats it worth?....I need it sold!

  1. $6000

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  2. $8000

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  3. $10000

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  4. $12000

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  1. Was centerfold car in Aug 1999 SUPER FORD MAGAZINE

    Stock block bored .030 over
    Stock crank and rods polished and balanced
    Low compression JE forged pistons, and Sealed power rings
    Eldebrock 6025 Aluminum Heads, ported to flow 264 cfm intake, 212 cfm exhaust, with 1.94" intake valve, 1.60 Exhaust valve
    Vortech S-Trim
    Lunati Blower Cam
    Dual valve springs
    SALEEN 1.72 Roller Rockers
    SALEEN Intake
    BBK Throttle Body
    MSD Box with boost retard dial
    Snow Performance Boost Cooler Methanal Injection
    Taylor Plug wires
    New Serpentine and Supercharger belts

    Tremec TKO 5speed
    Pro 5.0 Short Throw Shifter
    Centerforce Clutch
    Driveshaft Saftey Loop
    Saleen Panhard Bar
    Saleen Subframe Connectors
    Vanhoose Panhard Bar
    Jegs Airbag on Passenger Side
    Aluminum Driveshaft

    Other Mods
    Battery moved to trunk
    SALEEN Fuel Pressure Gauge
    SALEEN Boost Gauge
    SALEEN gauge mount in center A/C ducts
    Autometer Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge on Pillar
    Autometer 5" Tach with shift light on Dash
    B&M Grip Shift Knob
    SCHROTH 4 point racing harness
    Clear Headlights and Markers
    Dual Snorkel Cobra Hood, Smooth Underside, high quality

    All SALEEN items intact except shift knob and radio, owner between scott and I thinks he has radio, he is checking
    Steve SALEEN Signed Momo Steering Wheel
    Steve SALEEN Signed Hatchback Shade and Shifter boot trim plate

    Car needs nothing, is in excellent shape, been stored and driven every month to keep seals good. Has unreal power, Original owner Ran 11.43 @ 126MPH with a 1.78 60 ft time, last owner after the transmission and clutch were installed dipped into 10's with worse 60' and much higher trap speed in high 130's This car is a blast to drive and can run with the best of them.

    I hate to sell it, whoever buys it will get an awesome car!

    Call or Text 9375337812
    Can text or email pics upon request

    Eaton, Ohio

    $12,000 or best offer

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  2. Whats the car need, trade for a custom bike?
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