SOLD 1989 Tropical Yellow 5.0 Notchback Mustang Rare

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by 5.0Foxbodyrestorer, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. web20131107_135902.jpg web20131107_135914.jpg web20131107_135902.jpg web20131107_135914.jpg What I know about the car. Well by color alone 1 of 67 it is the rarest 1989 notchback that came from the factory. Which is paint code 66 for tropical yellow. It is a 5 speed manual. With the rare tan or (Sand Beige) interior. When u break it down by options it could be the rarest. Car is mostly original. Being a fox body collector and restorer I am always on the hunt for rare foxbodys. I ran across this and saved it from being thrashed by a 16 year old who inherited for his dead father. The car was originally sent to DSO 71 which is Los Angelis. The kids father live in Arizona which it seem to have spent most of its life. He was shot and killed in a shooting in 2004. The car was driven by his fathers best friend for a while. Then given to his aunts who save it for him till he was 16. So by the he got a car that was hit in the rear end and his aunts kid played on it while its sat for years. He got it running he said but needs new computer. Other than that he said it drives. It does need to be restored to factory new. It could be a big money car one day. It needs a total resto and I just don't have the time for it now. And would like to see it go to a good home. Odometer says 29000 some odd miles. The kid believes it is original and seems to be from what I can tell web20131107_135902.jpg web20131107_135914.jpg . I did find the all important build sheet in the car to verify the car 100% the way it came from factory. The car is now in Michigan. If interested you can email or call me

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  6. Car is located in Roseville, MI $1.00
  7. I would like to see this one in person, please email me [email protected] or call 708 528 5507
  8. Still available?
  9. Yes it is for now.
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