1990 25th Ann. Mustang Convertible 5.0 5 spd NJ

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by WICKED50LTR, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. i am intrested in ur car and i was wondering if u still had it for sale
  2. I know this is an old post but just wondering if you still had the car for sale?
  3. ttt i need this gone $3800 this weekend!
  4. Just sent you an email
  5. 3800 obo or looking for 94-95 White GT for trade
  6. vert

    what kind of accident was the car in? the hood doesnt seem to line up with the fenders, or is it not shut all the way? i also saw that you had it posted on corral.net and listed it as sold?? whats the real deal with the car? it would just be nice to know cause ive been looking at it for a while, its a real nice looking vert with clean interior! ive been stuck before and bought a coup without knowing it was in an accident, stupid me shoulve got a car fax! all we ask is that ya be honest with the condition!
    "B/c of the accident damage & poor repair work + the trans work needed, I will have to pass at your asking price, sorry." you failed to explain the damage and the bad tranny!
  7. vert

    yeah ill hit ya up tommorow evening
  8. Sold. Thanks Stangnet!
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