1990 7up 5.0 Mustang

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I have a limit edition 1990 7up mustang going up for sale but I have a problem. I am looking for a fair price but searching the net the price range is to varied. I need a reference.

    The car has 9600 miles, well taken care of and has was not purchased for regular driving. The car has been stored and only taken out of the garage to be washed and minor drives.

    Can send pictures if anyone would like and anything on the car that I consider not perfect from being stored over the years.

    This was my fathers car who passed away several years ago and aging mother who will be unable to care for the car properly.

    Thanks for anyone who can help.

  2. I'm sorry I cannot help with the pricing questions but I would absolutely love to see pictures of this car.

    I hope you get the most money possible for it!
  3. Here are a couple of photos just for an idea of condition.

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  4. Isn't this considered a ''Whats it worth thread''? If so this is going to get locked... fyi
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  5. Moved to Fox Body Sales Thread. Sorry man, but "feeler" type thread gauging a vehicles worth are still considered "Sales Threads" here on Stangnet.

    Good luck with your sale. :)
  6. :drool: nice car. good luck with sale
  7. i really dont know why people think the 1990 green vert is limited edition, there were more made that year then any other car, can anyone tell me how its limited?
  8. Production numbers for the model are as follows....

    - Total production: 4,103
    - Number of 5-Speeds: 1,360
    - Number of Automatics: 2,743
    - Number of vehicles exported: 261

    ...so how does that compare with other years? :shrug:
  9. well i would say a twilight blue lx vert vould be more limited

    311 made in 90
    65 made in 91
    90 made in 92

    then if you wanna factor in your autos and manuals....

    i just think the twilight blue car would be worth more

    i was just using that color as an example theres other rarer colors, they just made too many 1990s in green makes no sense, maybe if it was the 1993 where they only made 1500 i consider that limited
  10. Whatever the case, this one is rare in the sense of the mileage so it should pull at least $9500 in my opinion. Could possibly get 12k to the right person I think...
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