1990 Fox Body State Patrol Car Rebuild Or Not ?

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  1. I have a 1990 Fox body Washington State Patrol car in the back yard that the engine wore out on about 12 years ago. My wife loved that car and it was fun to drive. My questions are...

    1. Would it be worth it to restore this car to original specs?

    2. If restored, would any change in internal engine pieces drop the value of the car, such as making it a 347 stroker?

    3. How hard is it to find interior parts for this car? The spot where it had the original antenaa thru the roof leaked over the years so gonna have to redo the interior too.
  2. It is getting harder to find replacement parts, and what you do find is Chinese. It is getting tougher to get them back to original quality.

  3. Build the car the way you want to and don't try and figure out what the restored value will be. Your best bet at finding interior parts is the JY, CL, Ebay,, and the message boards. You can also go to vendors like LMRS, but it will not be cheap.
  4. there would be no real increase in value in restoring this car to factory spec... lucky for you there are a ton of factory parts to rebuild...
  5. Build a car to enjoy it, not to make it worth more money. Totally perverts the car hobby IMO.
  6. Good ideas here, and yes I think I better make it for enjoyment. It never lacked for power the way it was, and I am thinking the wife might not find it as much fun to drive if I go too wild on it.

    One thing I am going to do for sure is to get it square and level and then weld up all the seams in the body. I did that on one Fox body NASCAR bomber I built and it made a huge difference in weight transfer under cornering and even hard acceleration.

    From there I'll just kinda go with what I can get the most bang for the buck out of. Think I will go down to pick-a-part and see what I can find for little comforts such as electric windows and stuff. :)

    Thanks all.
  7. The JY is a treasure chest of upgrades for the Fox body in terms of performance, handling, braking, cooling, and electrical. Do a search for "mustang junkyard horsepower". I have personally scored an entire top end from a 96 explorer, the MAF and alternator from a 95 Mustang GT, electric fan from a Taurus, along with a bunch of other things like 2002 seats. A very popular upgrade is to grab the front brakes and spindles off a 95 mustang as well as the entire rear end assembly for a cheap 5 lug, rear disc upgrade.
  8. I thought the 97 and up v8 explorers were the ones that used the GT40 heads?