Progress Thread 1990 GT convertible project

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  1. I decided to start a thread for my 1990 GT Convertible, I bought this car a couple years ago as a roller. paid 800$ for it knowing it had a few issues, mainly the car needed paint, the front bumper was cracked and the convertible top frame was broken. first thing we did is throw a motor/tranny out of my GT in the car and freshened it up.

    Picture when I first got the car,

    Next I had to address the ugly multiple colored interior,

    So I swapped in some black seats and replaced the white door panels, I have since replaced the rear seat and I have Black seatbelts on order

    Then I had some 18x9/10 saleen wheels that were originally supposed to be for my hatch but I have since sold that car.



    then I ran into an issue with the centercaps so I installed SN-95 spindles. plus the car sat super high so Installed some 2inch lowering springs from LRS


  2. Here's a few pictures of the damaged convertible top,

    I purchased a top frame out of a 1984 vert that's in great shape.

    I also ordered a new front bumper and a H.O Fibertrends 1.5 inch cowl which should all be arriving next week then I can start the body, which includes removing the god awful luggage rack and fixing the cowl panel that was damaged from a hood flying up. The plan is to paint the car black.
  3. I wanna know why you had to sell the hatch?
    I'd rather have a hatch over a 'vert. But, yours does look nice
  4. I would agree with this, I actually had the hatch for about 5 years and I decided to start taking it apart to repair a nasty front end collision someone hacked up. one thing led to another and I had most of the car completely torn apart, as a couple years went on without a car to drive I lost interest in repairing the car and picked up the vert as it was alot more solid than the hatch plus it was just too much work and I just didn't have the time or patience. I predict I'll have another hatch at some point, but for now I really am enjoying the vert, hope to have the car sprayed in spring and get to actually enjoy driving a 5.0 again
  5. hood came in yesterday, threw it on just to get an idea of the fit looks great, seatbelts should be arriving tomorrow.

    don't mind the mess in the garage, it's been a looong cold winter, can usually only spend a good 20-30mins out there, it's time to invest in a heater

  6. Yeah did one of those just a few weeks ago.... smashed plastic to bits and caved in the metal portion rather well!! Keep up the good work!
  7. I got the new front bumper on it was a reproduction piece that's going to take some finesse to work once I lower the car I'll be able to adjust the front end. The both doors need pins so i'm going to pull the doors shortly, I have since installed a new top frame which was pretty straight forward. I also picked up a coupe deck lid on corral and finally started on some body work on the entire car. I'm going to filler prime the car since i'm going black I don't want any dents or dings to be missed, I removed most of them trim which will all be repainted. I hope to have the car painted before my birthday June 2nd here's a few pictures of my progress so far. Obviously I have a ways to go.






    The passenger side door had two huge creases have yet to sand this out


    here's a quick shot at my new seatbelts nothing spectacular, pricey but definitely worth it to replace the faded red ones
  8. Nice keep it going playa!!! More pics of your progress and can we get pics of that GT?
  9. hah thanks, that GT is gone sadly but here's some pictures,


  10. been a long time since i've updated this but the car is going in for paint next weekend, here's some update pictures









  11. Kabuki makinz me fap away!
  12. I also picked up a 1993 4 cyclinder convertible with a mint top so I started pulling that last night should be installing it next week before paint.

    check this baby out,
  13. Will it be a Type R?

  14. Whoa. Did they pay you to take that?
  15. haha nah, paid practically nothing for it, got what I needed off it, it's going to the scrap yard
  16. some finished pics, kinda crappy pics hope to get some better ones soon
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  17. goddam it, wish I kept my gt vert instead of my hatch.
  18. Damn that looks nice