1990 GT, R block stroker, PTK, 88mm Turbonetics, Street Car Build

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  1. I thought your motor power exceeded that. I tried to make c4's work for me back in the day. One kept killing clutches in the high gear drum, and the last c4 failure was diagnosed as ballooning the case. I ended up going w/a Powerglide after the C4. That was the end of transmission failures for me behind big power, big windsors.
  2. That cradle is sweet, much better than the one i have as far as working on the motor was
  3. Honestly Mike, I don't have the pockets deep enough to really make four digit horsepower. You simply break too many parts too often, especially for a 100% street driven car. I'll likely have the car tuned conservatively for 750 to 800 horsepower, with 800 being the true "goal." Thanks for the info about the C4s. I could have a TH400 built and run that instead. I'd like to stay away from a glide, as two gears on the street doesn't sound like very much fun.

    Was the car that toasted all of those C4s a drag car or a street car?

    Yeah it's very nice for the money and dirt cheap. What can you really get for $50 nowadays? Go to Roush-Yates ebay store and grab one, well worth it.
  4. I make stands of the same design, but lately Ive been lazy and buying cradles to ship motors on..lol

    Im not a huge C4 fan at that power level either, youll be doing a TON of maintence. The glide is the best choice but two gears on the street will not be as fun (Im in the same perdicament, I have 90% of glide stuff for my car, but since it is going back on the street a manual would be so nice). Although I guess I can cruise around, head to the track turn up the boost run 8s and come home :D

    Look into a Rossler T400, they are near builtproof but pricey.... Fred Brown AOD would hold up as well, you may want to look at them www.fbperformance.com

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  6. C4's are junk pretty much anywhere past 500ish. Just get a Th400 built by a reputable shop and you'll be fine. Good clutches 34E sprag and a VB will take 1000 hp pretty reliably. Call up JW get a bell and flexplate then your all set.
  7. A friend of mine builds transmissions for a living and im pretty sure he can build a 400 for around 1600 bucks that will do what you want. He said you dont really need a ton of fancy parts with the 400's and he's got a supra with a th400 that runs 9.60s at 140 that proves it.
  8. Thanks Jeff, I may ask you for his contact info when the time comes. There's a new in box Freddy Brown AOD available locally too but the guy wants $2500 for it. :eek: Overdrive would be nice for cruising, and it's built for 900 horsepower. That's a lot of bread for a trans though...
  9. You know the deal...gotta pay to play!
  10. Dont skimp on a convertor either, I did with my first one and it was a bad choice.
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  11. Pro torque makes some nice turbo stuff fromwhat i hear, helps with spool times and good street manners. Also, 2500 for a good freddy brown AOD isnt a bad price. Overdrive autos are stupid expensive to build
  12. Completely reevaluated my setup.

    Sold the 88mm and PTK kit for a $1200 profit over my original investment. Going to use that money to finish buying the top end of the motor and assemble it. Trying to nail down the transmission situation. Then, I'll be looking into running twins, solely because I like to overcomplicate things. Also considering going in the completely opposite direction and just going with a blower like a Vortech YSi or Procharger F1R for the simplicity. As always, I change my mind three times in a half hour period when it comes to Mustangs.

    Who knows really? Maybe I'll sell everything and buy a Honda Civic. Maybe I'll sell myself into the Thai sex slave trade so I can see my good old friend RedFoxGT again. :shrug: Who really cares, guys stopped watching this thread months ago.
  13. Hey don't assume people aren't watching just because they're not commenting. I'm afraid to comment. If I say I like something you are doing or have done, I don't want to look like a brown nosing waffler when you change your mind, and do something different.;)
  14. You staying carb?
  15. Why did you post a picture of female xrays?:shrug:
  16. I will throw a tire iron in your general direction if you do that :D

    Seriously though, I come to this thread every time it's updated. Who can resist a thread with "stroker" and "turbo" in the title?!?!?

    Oh, and here's my favorite twins.
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  17. Kicking around the idea of going EFI with a TFS Box R. There's a local guy with a custom sheetmetal Hogan's intake on a Systemax lower, but he wants $850 for the damn thing. For $850 it better stroke my pole and cook me breakfast, lunch, and dinner afterwards...
    Haha, those girls are my age. I don't think I could bang them without an image of Uncle Jesse saying "How rude" popping into my head and killing my bone dawg.

    On a serious note, thinking of starting out with twin 62s and then upgrading to twin 70s when I get bored. :shrug:
  18. Yeah, you're right. Might as well do it once. How about twin PT101s? Haha