1990 GT, R block stroker, PTK, 88mm Turbonetics, Street Car Build

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  1. I hear ya. They are too skinny for my taste too. I googled "twins" and their pictures were everywhere. Jason302's twins are much much better IMO!
  2. lol...here we go again. If you need anything let me know, I can get Precison, Turbonetics and a few others.
  3. Okay, thanks! I've heard good things about Precision's 72mm. I'd probably make retarded power with a pair of those. Any experience with them?
  4. Well, it's time to hang up the gloves. I won't be posting on this site any more. This will more than likely be my last post. I've been on here a long time, and made some good friends along the way. However, the time has come. Take it easy guys. Be safe and have fun keeping the hobby going.

  5. Sucks man. It's been real. Hopefully you'll be back in a few years. Good luck with everything.
  6. WTF you are all over the place you dont have to leave hell most of these guys dont even have fox bodies
  7. the hell happened here?
  8. my guess is with how mods and chris see things differently, changing trends in the forum, and his lost desire for mustangs...
  9. Wtf....why Chris?
  10. I dont get it...forum drama makes no sense to me. Just a bunch of dudes thousands of miles away from each other pissin each other off...curious why you've decided to jump ship. But good luck to ya
  11. sucks to see you go man ....
  12. Fixt.

    Sorry. It was bugging me! :p
  13. there isn't even anyone on here anymore ...
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  14. Thanks for the kind words and the polite send-off from most of you. I'll miss this place a little, but I still might lurk every now and then to check on the [few and far between] interesting projects.

    This was not a "please beg me into staying because I'm a sympathy/attention whore" post. It's legitimate. This just isn't the place it used to be. Like I said before, I wish everyone on here all the best. Be safe while having fun in your cars and keep the Mustang hobby as classy and tasteful as possible. Mods, feel free to lock down or delete this thread as you see fit.
  15. No need to get all emotional over an internet forum because of some disagreement or whatever the hell happened. I was looking forward to this build too.
  16. I believe he already sold everything....
  17. Just us 10, er 9.
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  18. Just like every 4 eye that is destroyed make the others more valuable

    Every guy that quits puts me closer to ......... um...... .