1990 GT, R block stroker, PTK, 88mm Turbonetics, Street Car Build

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  1. oh :(
  2. did you really sell everything?
  3. Not 100% sure but everything has been gone from his Sig for a while and he had mentioned several times he lost all desire for mustangs...
  4. Sorry, I wasn't expecting to make any more replies in this thread, or at all for that matter. Let me clear the air... Everything you see in this thread sold to the tune of $13,005.00 with more than half of that being profit. I bought low and sold high on all of this stuff. Call me a flipper all you want, but I have a house to buy and a wedding to pay for, and my heart just isn't in the Mustang thing any more. I'm still obsessed with cars, but my tastes and interests have changed. Stangnet just stopped being a fun place to frequent. In retrospect, it stopped being fun over a year ago, but I was in denial about the direction it was headed. Oh well, all good things must come to an end, right? Take care guys. :nice:
  5. Meh, I still have fun here. It's what you make of it. There are dooshes and drama everywhere.
  6. Actually, there are waay worse boards out there. This one's not a fun as it was when I came, but the d-bags at the one I left were intolerable. There's still some good folks here.
  7. Yep. I saw more drama on my college car club forum, and we all knew each other on a personal basis. Went to class together, partied together, hell some of them even lived together. The internet brings out the worst in people, so you've gotta take all of it with a grain of salt. There are very few people on this site that I wouldn't share a beer with.
  8. Is beer that expensive in Fishers In. that you have to share one?? Come down here, and I'll even buy you a whole one you can have for yourself.[​IMG]
  9. I can has free beer in Alabama :banana: I've had some beers at the FloraBama!
  10. you cant be retired your CP says active member :shrug: