Build Thread 1990 Lx 5.0 Restomod Build

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  1. Just for grins, here's a shot of the engine bay last March. The car had a short ram intake when I bought it, so the stock airbox was purchased and installed by me.


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  2. Looks good! Now go drive it and report back with a butt dyno asap :burnout:
  3. Looks great man!!!:nice:
  4. More big changes today :D

    Replacement gas cap from RockAuto with the attachment strap


    I also replaced the driver's side door handle. The one I replaced it with a few months back never worked quite right and was always very loose; loose enough that the top of the handle was rubbing on the door itself. I went ahead and replaced the handle again, seems to be fine.



    Big dollars here and lots of time...
  5. You must be exhausted! Pop a top on a cold one and chill :drink:
  6. Did you rivet the new handle on or bolt it?
  7. Having a Dos Equis as a type.

    I bolted it. I used a bolt with a lock washer on the exterior and a nut with nylon insert (lock nut) on the inside of the door.
  8. So I had a couple final things to finish before I drove it much more, or any harder. I had a slight coolant leak where the heater tube bolts into the lower intake. I kept taking it out and re-threading the fitting in a couple times but was always afraid it was getting cross threaded, but finally got it in there and snugged down as tight as I think it should be before I crack the lower intake. I used some RTV on the threads to try and help it seal. We'll see if it holds.

    I checked the timing too since I had the dizzy out. It's set around 12 degrees so I left it there. I might run a tank of 89 octane through it to see if it responds any differently, but I doubt it will.

    Since I'm still breaking in the clutch I didn't rip on it too hard, but I drove it fairly aggressively last night. It feels smoother and sounds better for sure. Hard to make a determination on a performance gain yet, which I guess means the gain isn't huge although I'm sure there are some.
  9. I have a set of axle housing to upper control arm bushings that I'd like to swap out this week. I really hope it helps cut down on the axle noise that's currently being transmitted into the cabin.

    I also have a set of new taillight lenses that I need to swap on. I'm going to try and get that done this week as well.
  10. That engine bay looks excellent! Just need a coil cover to complete the stock look. And maybe spray the inside of the gas door like you did the wheel wheels?
  11. Good call on the inside of the gas door, I might have to do that.

    I do need a coil cover but I'm not really wanting to pony up the $50 or so for one from LMR. I'd love to find someone that has one lying in a box somewhere and wants to get rid of...hint hint!
  12. So I replaced the upper axle housing bushings today with a set of OEM replacements (rubber). When I swapped rear ends the rear end I bought had poly bushings installed and I didn't bother changing them out before I installed the axle. I got some pretty decent axle noise in the cabin, so I hoped changing back to the rubber ones would reduce some of that transmitted noise. It appears to have worked.

    I used a balljoint press rented from Advance to remove and install the bushings and sleeve. I also used a hacksaw to cut a slot in the sleeve to aid in removal.

    Bushings ready to come out


    One bushing sleeve removed from axle housing


    New ones installed

  13. I swapped out my existing taillight lenses for a set of refurbished LX ones. Mine were in OK shape, but not fantastic.

    Old light

    Lens off; yes it's dirty.

    I had read about a lot of older muscle car guys painting their housings white to give off the most amount of color from the bulb. Given the fact that my housings were kind of silver, but black on the bottom, a re-paint was definitely needed.


    Out with that super white/silverstar stuff and in with the OEM style orange bulbs



    The right one seems a little cockeyed up at the license plate, but I've messed with it and messed with it and that's just how it sits.
  14. I think its your garage floor making the car sit unlevel making you think its the lens because that's what you just redid I think it looks alright but I've been told my head is a bit crooked.
  15. "You think that because you're only wearing one shoe" (happy gilmore)
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  16. I was comparing the trunk line to the line of the tail light. That's where it looks crooked.

    Either way, the car looks 100x better than when I bought it a year and a half ago.

    I need to do some exhaust "convincing" today. Sounds like the right muffler is hitting the frame.
  17. I almost forgot, I've been working with a buddy of mine here on getting the A/C working again. It's starting to get muggy in Florida and A/C is kind of handy in humid weather.

    The car must have already been converted to R134a as the fittings were R134a. We did a leak test and vacuumed the system down last week. No leaks at all and it held ~30" vacuum so I was relieved at that. We put a little under a can of refrigerant in it, heard the low pressure switch close, but couldn't get the compressor to cycle on. It wasn't getting any power. After another 30 minutes or so of looking at wiring diagrams and digging around we realized I didn't have the A/C WOT relay. the plug was there, but no relay. I ended up finding a universal automotive relay at Napa that worked and the compressor kicked on!

    The compressor cycles on and off every few seconds, probably because the system is still low on refrigerant. We're going to finish charging it Friday so hopefully by the weekend I'll have cold air.

  18. I was just making fun.

    But seriously, yes the right tail light looks off (high on the inside and low on the outside). The lens probably isn't squared on the housing. Did you put new butyl tape on it?
  19. I know you were. New butyl tape was used and I've checked the lens on the housing, it's square. Things get squirrely when the housing is installed on the car.

    Again, I'm not too concerned about it.
  20. Maybe the lens needs to be installed on the housing crooked in order to appear "straight" with it's surroundings? American cars were notorious in the 80's and 90's for bad body lines and fender gaps so there was always "fudging" going on the get things to look correct.

    It would bug me. Good luck