Build Thread 1990 Lx 5.0 Restomod Build

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  1. I also had the edges peeling up around the top and bottom of my dash pad. The top was the worst. While I had it off I figured I'd try and glue it back down, but this proved more difficult for me than I expected.



    You can kind of see where the vinyl isn't attached to the metal plate anymore. I used some glue, some squeezing and pushing, a lot of tape and numerous clamps to hold it together.


    It's a little better than it was, but it's not perfect. I would like to just buy a new dash pad but at the moment, it's not bad enough for me to justfiy the $100 for a new one from LMR.
  2. Last update for now. All of the interior trim plastics are back in, dash is back together and rear seats are back in.

    I spent awhile fabbing up a plastic piece for the big trim housing/bezel that goes around the gauge cluster. At the back of this bezel there are 2 screws which hold the bezel down to the dash. One of these tabs was broken/missing so the left screw did nothing. As a result the bezel was loose and rattled. Annoying. I took a couple pieces of ABS plastic from a leftover center console and fabbed up an 'L' shaped piece that I could cement in place. I drilled a hole through the top of this piece and used a u-shaped speed nut to give the screw something to fasten in to.

    I didn't get any pictures of this, but it worked great. The bezel is tight and doesn't rattle at all.




    I'm hoping to work some more on it today. I'd like to get the center console, radio, and front seats in. This will make the trunk the next step. I've got to figure out a way to transition from the bottom of the trunk to the seat backs, preferably without using the stock carpet. See this thread for more details.
  3. Awesome work!
  4. those panels really look good.. i've heard a lot of good things about the SEM dye.
  5. What prevents me from doing something as simple, enjoyable, and neat as this is work space. Everytime I see people post pictures of their garages it kills me. All I have is a car port with a dirt floor and small rug full of dirt. Will never work for dyeing-___-

    But back to your thread, I'd like to see what you come up with for the transition on the back seats, and am really excited to see it all back together in the night rider black interior look. Love the seats (same as my gray/black int. :D )
  6. No more progress over the past couple days except picking up the door panels but I haven't snapped a picture yet. I may get some work done this weekend, we'll just have to see.

    Out of town all next week for work too...:notnice:
  7. Got the majority of the interior put back together. All seats are in, console is in, all trim pieces back together, and new power window motors are in (although still having issues with the passenger one only working intermittently). I also got the pony symbol glued back on the dash.

    Next up is figure out the passenger window issue and try to find one of those brackets for the passenger side door lock actuator. The PO not only removed the actuator, but also the bracket so I can't even install a new actuator. It's like sabotage!

    A lot of progress but I still have quite a long way to go. Doesn't look very sexy with missing door panels...all in good time. It could use a good wipe down too with a wet rag.







  8. the console delete looks really smooth, more like a classic mustang, but I'm not sure how I personally feel about the loss of it. Then again it isn't too useful with the little space it provides.:p
    Very claen minus the door panels of course, and the missing speakers on the upper dash. Can't wait to see the rest of your restoration
  9. I figured the console armrest was just a bunch of more pieces to rattle around on the interior, not to mention the one I had needed a new pad and was very beat up as well.

    I think the console delete flows pretty nice. It gives a clean smooth look from front to back.
  10. Man, good work. Interior is tough but I love the black. I'd like to see it complete with door panels. Keep it up.
  11. Made good progress on getting the trunk floor built today. Need to pick up some carpet this weekend and hopefully will have the progress posted next week.
  12. It's coming along nicely. I have a question regarding door panels. My lower map pocket areas are starting to come apart. The vinyl is coming off around the bottom. Can the door panels be taken apart? If I can separate the map pocket backing board from the rest of the panel, I can wrap the vinyl around and re-glue it. Not sure how the backing is attacked.
  13. You can. When you remove the door panel and look on the back you can see the insert for the map pocket is held on with about 20 metal tabs. They stick out the back of the map pocket insert, go through some holes in the door panel, and fold over lock the insert in place.

    I'll be covering this procedure this week.
  14. Great! I'll keep an eye out for your post.
    Thanks and have a great weekend.
  15. The one thing I'll add is that my map pockets are long gone. All I have is the vinyl covering (well some of it), but no pockets. My plan is to pull off the vinyl and carpet these inserts instead of new map pockets.

    I'll be carpeting the trunk at the same time. I'm hoping to have this all done by mid week or so.

  16. Yeah, mine are long gone too. I made some aluminum insterts to replace the factory ones but I may just do carpet like you mentioned. I guess I'll see how it goes. Here's a picture of my door panel idea. It's aluminum painted black and I put a piece of silver carbon fiber on the back to show through the horse cut out. 297488_4053049019045_1310401499_n.jpg
  17. Does the door panel look well flowing without map packets, just the vinyl?
  18. Probably somewhat of personal opinion, but I think so.
  19. I think so too. I never really cared for the map pockets anyway.
  20. How's the interior coming along? I'm interested to see how your door panel inserts turn out.