SOLD 1990 LX Convertible 5.0 Roller

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  1. For Sale-1990 Lx 5.0 Mustang Convertible. This car is sold as a roller with no motor. As you can see in the pics this car is in very good condition. All body panel numbers match, it has never been wrecked or abused. It comes with everything required to put a motor in and drive. Complete Aeromotive fuel system, built AOD with all forged internals, Edge 3800 stall converter, one piece forged input shaft and Kevlar clutches. Complete gauge package, LM-1 wide band with data logger. Aluminum radiator with dual fans and all nessesary wiring, new battery, high torque starter and 3G alternator. 8 PT. S&W cage, frame ties and tubular K member with coilovers and Strange struts.
    8.8 rear with hardened axles, c clip eliminators and BRAND NEW Detroit Locker with less than 20 miles on it. Laser Red pearl paint with Cervinis hood and custom aluminum wing. BBK long tube headers modified to fit AOD. Was a supercharged car and still has the emblems on it. The top works great and the only bad spot on the car is on the convertible top below the rear window as shown in the pic. The car has been converted to carb but I will include all the wiring and computer to return it back to F. I. including billet fuel rails if desired. The body has 87k on it. $9000 Falling Waters, Wv.

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  2. How Much?
  3. Sorry, minor brain fart. $9000. Mike
  4. Bump. Lots of views. Not much interest. The thing's just sitting in the garage under the cover. Better pics maybe? Sold what was left of the motor. Guess I'll put up the T trim too. Mike
  5. its 9k for a roller thats maybe why there isn't much interest?
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  6. Yep a $9k roller in excellent condition, needing nothing, missing only a stout motor that would easily put it in the mid 10s. If it was a normal roller that needed exhaust, driveshaft, starter, alternator, motor mounts, tranny and a paint job I wouldn't have put it up at 9k.
  7. does a 1/2 pound of the pot your smoking come in the trunk ?
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  8. You will never get back 1/2 of what you put into it, especially with no motor. If you were to slap a semi built 302/351 in it, you would probably get around $5K. Personally, asking $9K sounds nice with the amount of money you have, but the car isn't close to being in original condition. GL with the sale, but I don't think you will get any interest with that price. Your going to get more parting it out than selling as a whole.
  9. Well, 9k doesn't even come close to half of what's in it but thats oK I sold it 2 days ago. Thanks for the reply. S&B, go make another "Massive Burnout Video/Doughut vid". Moron.
  10. You neglected to change your thread tag to SOLD.


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